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Gen Z Woman Demands Millennials Stop Saying These ‘Outdated’ Slang Words: ‘If You Use Them, You’re Officially Old’

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Generation Z encourages millennials to update their slang. The younger generation says that terms like

A Gen Z woman has shocked hundreds of people by listing millennial slang phrases she believes are “outdated.”

Allegra Miles from the US gave her fans a lesson in modern vernacular by sharing Generation Z’s version of common millennial phrases.

The 21-year-old said words like “YOLO,” “game,” “kill,” “on point” and “vibe” popularized by millennials have been replaced by Generation Z.

Allegra said those between the ages of 20 and 40 should stop saying “vibe” and instead use “rhythm type.”

“This may seem a little abstract, but it makes sense in my brain and that’s ‘vibration’ to ‘key rhythm,'” he said.

Generation Z is eliminating the millennial vernacular and instead using terms like

Millennial vs. Gen Z Slang: 21-year-olds teach 20- to 40-year-olds the words they say that make them sound old, from “on point” to “YOLO” and even “vibe.”

“You could say, ‘The restaurant has a very intimate atmosphere,’ or you could say, ‘It’s a relaxed, Italian-type pace.’

The age-old term “on point” that refers to something exactly right or perfect should be replaced with “locked.”

“They’re not exactly the same energy, but they are the same,” Allegra said.

The term “game” refers to someone’s success in attracting a romantic partner, but Allegra said the new version is “rizz,” short for “charisma.”

YOLO, which is short for ‘You Only Live Once’, became a popular millennial phrase when rapper Drake coined the term to promote a mixtape in 2011.

However, Allegra said that Generation Z is phasing out the term and instead opting for ‘Fuck it, let’s get to the ball.’

Instead of “kill,” which is used to describe when someone does something exceptionally well, Allegra said to start saying “eat.”

“They’re both epic ways to get people excited,” he said.

“I like all of these terms, I’m not saying one is better than the other, it’s just that things in my life that I’ve observed have changed over the years.”

Allegra shares the slang tips in a TikTok clip that has been viewed more than 189,000 times.

“This teacher says thank you,” one woman laughed.

“I’ve never heard one type of beat in my life, I’m 31 for reference,” said another.

“As a millennial, thank you for keeping me on top of the ‘lingo,'” a third wrote, and a fourth joked, “I’ve never felt older.”

‘Gene X here. Lost look. “I didn’t understand a word,” someone added.

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