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GeForce Now now automatically syncs with your Steam library

GeForce Now users can sync their Steam libraries to their accounts with Nvidia’s new Game Sync feature. Compatible games will appear in the My Library section of Game Sync, Nvidia announced.

The bring your own game cloud service, which launched its paid version earlier this year, allows users to play games purchased from other platforms, including Steam, the Epic Games STore, Battle.netand Uplay – in the cloud. But searching for games in your Steam library that were compatible with GeForce Now was a bit of a chore.

The new feature identifies games in a user’s Steam library supported by GeForce Now and automatically adds them to the “My Library” list in the app, Nvidia says. To sync your Steam account with your GeForce Now library, go to Game Sync in Settings when buying a new game through Steam.

When Nvidia launched the paid version of GeForce Now, it caused some controversy among game publishers, who saw it as a way for users to access copyrighted content without publisher permission, and several took their games out of GeForce Now. Nvidia updated its policy in May, requiring publishers and developers to sign up for the platform so that their games were available remotely to play on Nvidia’s servers.