GCSCE exam quiz designed for 16 year olds will challenge your knowledge

Tricky GCSE exam questions put your English, math and science knowledge to the test – are YOU as smart as a 16-year-old?

  • The tricky 14-question quiz deals with questions from the current GCSE curriculum
  • It covers the core subjects: English, mathematics and sciences and assesses users
  • There are questions about the exams that 16-year-olds will take in the coming weeks

A tricky quiz based on the questions that thousands of British teenagers will encounter in the coming weeks when they take their GSCE & # 39; s is a mystery to the web.

The test, which runs through an online private tutoring website, takes questions from today's curriculum to test adult knowledge about core subjects: English, math and science.

Users get a taste of the stress of 16-year-olds across the country, and it even gives users the degree they would get if they took the test.

Alex Dyer, founder of Tutor House said: & # 39; GCSE & # 39; s are a stressful time for teenagers because they can determine the next phase of their lives.

& # 39; It is not surprising that this time of year is the busiest for us, parents and students do everything to ensure that the GCSE exams run as smoothly as possible.

& # 39; However, it is difficult for parents and other family members to really empathize with their teenage children, because the last time they had a school exam was probably 20 years ago.

& # 39; There is much debate as to whether GCSE & # 39; s are too easy or too difficult, so we hope that with this quiz we can provide some insight into what students should actually do to make progress in their education, and perhaps that families or friends will be more thereby understanding and empathetic & # 39 ;.

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Quiz answers


2. Pathetic thinking error

3. Purpose

4. Predicting that an event will occur later

5. Informal speech

6. 36

7. Sensory neurone – relay neurone – motor neurone

8. Ovaries

9. 16

10. Magnesium

11. Turns the lime water cloudy

12. Steel

13. Gold

14. m3 – 73 m – 72

What rating would you get?

0-1 correct answers = you are awarded a number 1

2-3 correct answers = you are awarded a score of 2

4 answers correct = you get a number 3

5-6 correct answers = you get a 4 mark

7 answers correct = you get 5

8-9 correct answers = you get a 6 mark

10 correct answers = you are awarded a score of 7

11-12 answers correct = you get a grade 8

13-14 answers correct = you get a mark of 9