Gayle King says it’s become ‘very messy and verys loppy’ at GMA after co-hosts’ affair was exposed

Gayle King stated that Good Morning America has become a’very messy and very sloppy’ place after the news broke about the affair between Amy Robach, T.J. Holmes, and Gayle King. 

The CBS Mornings host lamented the situation and told Andy Cohen on Thursday night that it was a mess. 

“In the beginning I actually thought,” Good Morning America. They’re stating that they won’t take them off the air. Gayle spoke of the initial calm before storm, stating that it was two consenting adults. 

“But then the more that you read, it becomes just very messy,” she said. She was referring both to the fact Robach and Holmes were married at that time and that Holmes had cheated on his wife several times before.

“I think that it’s just a sad circumstance because you’ve got children involved, you have families involved, so I keep thinking about that. It’s very concerning. 

Although ABC bosses have yet not made a decision about the couple’s future but Holmes and Robach have not been on the screen since Monday. A source told that they are not planning to return to GMA3 this week.

Eight days after broke news of the affair’s details, Robach said that it was over. 

CBS Mornings co-host Gayle King said the situation over at her ABC counterpart Good Morning America has become ‘very messy and very sloppy’ following the fallout of its co-hosts T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach’s affair

The Duo (Pictured) Have Not Been On The Screen Since Monday Following Their Suspension

After their suspension, the duo (pictured) are not visible on the screen.

King Lamented Over The Fact That Bothe Holmes And Robach Were Married To Other People While They Were Secretly Dating. It'S Also The Second Time Holmes Has Reportedly Had An Affair With A Colleague At Good Morning America

King lamented that Robach and Holmes had secretly been dating while Robach was married. Holmes is also rumored to have had an affair with Good Morning America colleague.  

Robach made the comment while walking Brody, her goldendoodle, in Manhattan, three days after Holmes, 45, and Robach were ‘indefinitely suspended’ from the show they once hosted.

She was casually dressed in a jean jacket, white shirt and high-waisted, khaki pants. It was unclear if Robach, 49 was expressing frustration at the ongoing furor or referring back to the relationship that started it all.

Gayle is not the first morning show host to comment on the situation, with CNN’s  Don Lemon recently expressing his support for the pair saying that viewers should not judge them until all the facts are known.

He He stated that he hoped to have them reinstated and that he would give them a hug if he saw them.

The network’s executives, which are owned by Disney, are looking for a solution after it was discovered that Holmes’ affair to Robach, which caused his 12-year-old marriage with Marilee Fiebig (44) in disarray, was not his first indiscretion.

In fact, he had an affair for three years with one of the show’s producers between 2016-2019. It was a woman who was Robach’s best friend. was told by a source, that there is huge confusion internally. ABC News executive Kim [Godwin] They have been taken off the air while they deal.

Kim Godwin, president of ABC News made the announcement Monday morning in an internal call. He called the romance a distraction.

According to TMZ, Godwin stated that ‘I want you to know that although that relationship is not a violation company policy, I have taken the last few days off to think about and work out what I believe is best for ABC News organization’.

Eight Days After News Of Her Affair With Gma Co-Host T.j. Holmes Broke, Amy Robach Has Told 'It'S Kind Of Over Now'

Amy Robach told that her affair with T.J. Holmes, GMA co-host, was over eight days ago

The Pair Spent A Weekend Shacked Up In A Cozy Cottage In The Shawangunk Mountain Region, Checking Out Of Their Rental On Sunday November 13. Holmes Was Seen Giving His Lover A Playful Squeeze From Behind As She Packed Up The Car

The couple spent a weekend together in Shawangunk Mountain’s cozy cottage. They then checked out of their rental apartment on Sunday, November 13. Holmes was seen giving his love a playful squeeze as he packed up the car. 

The Couple Were Caught In A Rare Pda Moment As They Held Hands In The Back Of An Uber While Heading To Robach'S Apartment

The couple had a rare PDA moment when they were riding in an Uber together to Robach’s apartment.

The Two Co-Anchors, Whose On-Screen Chemistry Has Captivated Audiences Since They Joined Gma'S Third Hour In 2020, Can Be Seen Laughing And Cozying Up To Each Other At The Pub After A Morning Of Filming On November 10

After a long day of filming on November 10, the co-anchors can been seen laughing and getting cozy at the pub. 

The co-stars appeared to be taking the scandal in stride, anchoring the news last week, without responding to’s reports, which included photos showing the couple enjoying a romantic getaway, holding hands in a car, and laughing at a bar.

Last Friday, the couple finally admitted the drama surrounding their clandestine affair. They awkwardly laughed about it as they opened the show.

Holmes and Robach remained secretive since revealed they had been secretly in love despite being married.

Sources say that Holmes and his wife filed for divorce in August, despite not knowing how Robach’s wife, Holmes, and Robach’s husband Andrew Shue (55), learned about the affair.

After the affair was revealed, Shue deleted Robach photos from his Instagram.

Holmes’s wife declined comment when contacted her. She has not spoken publicly since the breaking of the news about their relationship. learned that Andrew and Amy have consulted a mediator despite reports to the contrary. 

Tj Holmes Can Reveal That Host Tj Holmes, 45, Had A Three-Year Affair With Good Morning America Producer Natasha Singh, 37, That Began In 2016. Singh And Tj'S Current Lover Amy Robach Were Close Friends

TJ Holmes, 45 had a three-year affair, which began in 2016, with Natasha Singh, 37. Singh and TJ’s current lover Amy Robach were close pals

Natasha Singh Was A Producer For Gma Based In La. She Left In 2017 When She Moved To Cbs And Gayle King'S Morning Show

Natasha Singh worked as a producer for GMA in Los Angeles. She She moved to CBS in 2017 and Gayle Kings’ morning show.

Holmes was also exposed to have had an affair with Robach over a three-year period. Holmes was also rumored to have had an affair with Robach’s wife, one of the morning show’s producers married – a woman who regarded Robach as one her closest friends. 

This relationship predated Robach’s affair with Robach and led to Natasha Singh’s divorce from Garrett Braren, 43. Braren is a movie producer whose credits include Crouching Tiger Hidden dragon.

According to one source, ‘Natasha was a producer of GMA based at Los Angeles when she began her affair with TJ, a reporter in 2016.

Singh, 37 years old, was the producer of Holmes’ trip to LA to interview Jimmy Kimmel before the Oscar’s. The segment aired on GMA on 02/22/2017.

She Singh left the show in the following year, when she moved to CBS morning show Gayle King. But Singh’s relationship was strong through 2019, and Holmes and Singh remained close.

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