Gatlinburg Attractions – A Must Visit With Family and Friends

There is no doubt that perfect getaways usually exist unplanned, at unknown terrains. Whether it is high up in mountains or lower in the valleys, the scenic landscape never fails to put one in a good mood. If you live in the States or are planning to visit it, Gatlinburg should be on your bucket list. A city lying to the east of Tennessee provides the most picturesque location to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 

 Out of the many attractions this place offers, the Space Needle stands out as one of the best as it goes up to 407 feet and gives the most spectacular view of the site. Apart from this, the place also offers the Sky Lift, a cable car covering a total distance of 2.1 miles. Best for aerial views starting Downtown to the renowned theme park neighboring it, along with the ski resort, Ober Gatlinburg. 

Gatlinburg Ski Resort

If you wonder what the ski resort has in the bank, it consists of artificially designed Ski Slopes at below-freezing temperatures. Great precision is taken to create these slopes, and their design is such that it takes two cold nights at an average to produce them. If you are looking to have your fantasy winter wonderland moment even when there is no snow around wherever you live, make sure to keep your dates in check. This particular resort opens earlier on or in mid-December till early or mid-March.

Gatlinburg SkyLift and Its Timings 

The Gatlinburg SkyLift is open all year round, providing one of the most incredible experiences in the whole of Gatlinburg. Once you get off the chairlift on concrete ground, you get to explore the SkyDeck with magnificent vistas that you will remember for a lifetime. 

It is better to purchase tickets till 10:30 pm, and all activities in the mountains conclude at 11 pm. 

Dollywood Theme Park

 The Dollywood Theme Park is one of the many key Gatlinburg Attractions, and it lies 35 miles southeast of Knoxville, Tennessee, in the beautiful Pigeon Forge. The Forge is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park gateway, with the mountains being one of the most frequently visited places in the USA.

 Even though there are many ways available to insiders as well as tourists to have a blast, the idea of visiting a theme park, in particular, is not very common. This may very well be the best decision you have ever made. 

How to make sure you have a trip to remember at the park

Dollywood offers a wide range of sound, high-end rides that quite literally take your breath away, together with the thrill, as well as the scenic view. A few rides that would be a sin not to give a try are listed below. 

  • Barnstormer 

The Barnstormer equals a maximum speed of 45 miles per hour and a tremendous maximum height of 81 feet! It consists of two swinging arms and seats for 32 people arranged in rows, one in front of the other. As it goes for most rides, the Barnstormer gets progressively more thrilling every time it swings you higher up in the air. 

  • Daredevil Falls 

 This ride consists of a waterfall 60 feet high with a boat drop-off from its highest point. Ideal for people who like traversing through adventurous camping sites. 

  • Dragonflier 

It is pretty self-explanatory because the Dragonflier imitates the movement that of a dragonfly from the Smoky Mountain itself. It twists about and meanders through its way precisely like that of a dragonfly. The ride keeps you on your toes throughout with its uniquely thrilling path that will leave you screaming with joy. 

  • Fire Tower falls 

This ride is a thriller in itself as it is one of the tallest and fastest rides inside the park. It scales to a total of 280 feet and crosses a 140 feet long water-filled tank at the other end of it. Perfect those who prefer water rides, and the worst choice for ones with aquaphobia. 

  •  Mountain scream 

The mountain scream gives the rider a choice for the spiraling corkscrew tubes or the deadly quadruple-drop slides. The inrush of water and wind that hits your face as you navigate through its course is what brings absolute amusement and thrill.

  • Black Bear Trail 

A trail in the Wildwood Grove proves to be a great idea because of how friendly and energetic the bears are. One can enjoy a piggyback ride on one of the bears and take a trip through the gorgeous backwoods. Adds a bit of music and melody to your little adventure too. However, untimely closures are expected anytime during the year because of unfortunate weather conditions. 

  •  Chasing Rainbows Museum 

If you wonder where this park got its name from, it is the Dolly movie where it gets its name from. Dolly’s dream was to inspire others with dreams she had for herself, and solely she created Chasing Rainbows. One of the best museums in the area comes with a fair share of visuals customized to engage the audience with stories and real-life events from Dolly’s lifetime. Also features some of the elegant attires she wore at award shows and concerts, for example, the Grammy’s and People’s Choice Awards. 

The museum shuts down an hour before they seal the rest of the park. 

  • Lemon Twist

This particular ride has the face of an enormous lemonade pitcher, with nine cups rotating around it and also spinning on their axis. Since other, more thrilling rides have an age limit ascribed to them, this one is ideal for toddlers not to make them feel left out. They can easily take this ride together, even under parental supervision. 

However, this ride again faces abrupt closures frequently because of the change in weather, which is extreme cold (snow) or extreme heat. It closes down around 8 pm. 

Smoky Mountain Cabins 

If one visits the park for a day or even longer than that, spending some quality time in the Smoky Mountain Cabins is the best option available. These cabins are quite luxurious and offer the most comfortable stay to visitors after a tiring day in the park. Dinner shows are provided to giving the most relaxing experience to anyone willing to take the opportunity up. 

Last Thoughts 

Brainstorming the options available before visiting the park might be a good idea for those individuals who like to stay organized. Or one can even go for a genuinely overwhelming unplanned experience that is fun in its way. 

Thank you for reading!