Gas station worker is held up by a masked intruder brandishing a meat chopper

Gas station worker is held up by masked intruder who brandishes a meat cleaver and says his dog ‘will kill’ him if he doesn’t surrender money in violent robbery

  • The man dressed in black entered the gas station with a black dog
  • He waved a meat chopper at the gas station employee and demanded money
  • The man also told the servant, Rashadul Islam, that the dog would kill him
  • He escaped with cigarettes and cash in a robbery that police say was ‘violent’

A gas station employee has relived the terrifying moment he was robbed by a thief with a meat chopper and a dog.

Rashadul Islam was present at the Newcastle gas station when a man dressed in black with this face covered entered last Tuesday evening.

While holding the dog on a short harness and leash, the man threw a bag at Mr Islam.

“Fill the bag with damn cigarettes or I’ll let the dog go and he’ll kill you,” the man said on CCTV footage of the incident.

He then takes out a meat cleaver and waves it at Mr. Islam while continuing to threaten him,

‘Cigarettes! Cigarettes now!’ He said.

The man pulled out a meat chopper and waved it at the gas station attendant as he continued to threaten him

The man then grabbed the full duffel bag, pulled down the cashier’s protective screen, and left with $250 cash and $1,000 worth of cigarettes.

Mr Islam told 7News he was still shocked by the robbery and had trouble sleeping.

“He will hit me with a meat cleaver if I don’t do it in a hurry,” Mr Islam said, the man told him.

The thief warned the servant that his dog would

The thief warned the servant that his dog would “kill” him, but the Staffordshire terrier appeared terrified during the encounter.

The CCTV footage showed the man’s Staffordshire Terrier being scared during the owner’s tirade against Mr Islam.

The man is seen physically lifting the dog from his hands as he goes out the door.

Newcastle police are continuing their investigation into the robbery, which they described as ‘particularly violent’.