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Gary Neville says Manchester United players ‘really let Erik ten Hag down’ in defeat at Newcastle


Gary Neville said the Manchester United players “really let Erik ten Hag down” in the 2-0 defeat at Newcastle, admitting they were beaten in the end, and could have no complaints about the result.

  • Manchester United lost 2-0 to Newcastle in the Premier League on Sunday
  • Joe Willock and Callum Wilson scored as Newcastle rose above them
  • Gary Neville believes the United players, not the manager, are to blame

Gary Neville has criticized Manchester United’s players after their 2-0 defeat at Newcastle United on Sunday, saying they let Erik ten Hag down with their performance.

Joe Willock and Callum Wilson have combined to lead Newcastle firmly into the race for Champions League qualification as they catapult Manchester United into third place.

Speaking after the match, Neville said: “Sometimes ups and downs mean from one performance to the next but Erik ten Hag really let him down today and Newcastle were fantastic.

Look they were all beaten up. 21 shots Manchester United had only one shot on target out of six shots. 41 touches in the box (for Newcastle) You have no complaints if you’re a die-hard fan today, you’re well beaten today.

“Since the midfielders came out there has been a mess I have to say I don’t like being honest with you.

I thought that would make it 1-1 or 2-0, but I’ve never seen a centre-back work, and rarely does. See where Shaw is now he has to play center back now, you might have a suitable player there.

Newcastle’s back four was better. The front three were better and the middle ones were better. Well done to Eddie Howe for making those positive substitutions.

He was going to make all three, he knew he had to go and win the game and Manchester United were where he wanted to be. It was a mistake to think we would get a point here against Manchester United and move on to the next game. He had to be brave and he really was.

I also think Eddie Howe would have been looking at Man United’s record away against the big teams, which was a real problem. It was a real weakness today and there is some beating in that as well.

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