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Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher debate the Premier League ending abroad

Premier League season could end overseas, says Gary Neville proposing Europe to host the remaining matches and says he is ‘not sure’ if bosses can deliver campaign end

Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher have once again delved into the complexities of how football could start again, exploring the possibility of closing the Premier League abroad.

The pressure on the English game is now increasing to make a call about what’s left of the campaign, after Ligue 1 made the strong decision to immediately end their top flight.

The return of the Premier League seems increasingly difficult amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, with the best way to bring teams together at a selected location to complete the season under lock and key.

Gary Neville thinks the only option to end the season abroad is the Premier League

Gary Neville thinks the only option to end the season abroad is the Premier League

Speaking on Friday morning at the Sky Sports Football show, Neville and Carragher assessed the viable options while weighing the fairness and morality of the proceedings.

For Manchester United legend Neville, he believes that certain areas in Europe have the capacity to host the last series of matches.

“If the PL is serious about delivering the games that remain in the safest environment, they would move it to a place three or four hours away from the coronavirus and where it has proven that it can handle it,” Marcel.

‘There are some hotspots in Europe that can handle the finishing of the PL. I’m not sure if they can deliver what they want to do in this country with the amount of logistics issues.

My opinion on this issue a few weeks ago was that if the PL wanted to send a message to the nation as part of a package they could have bought £ 4 million worth of tests to deliver the PL and then £ 20 million worth the NHS would give to buy tests and enclose them in a package acceptable to the nation. I think it will be difficult. ‘

Fellow expert and former rival Carragher agreed with Neville and considered the prospect of a World Cup scenario in which teams – thoroughly and regularly tested – would play nearby.

“You cannot have teams of players who are concerned about the situation and their family,” said Carragher.

This week's French Ligue 1 top flight made the bold call to cancel the season

This week's French Ligue 1 top flight made the bold call to cancel the season

This week’s French Ligue 1 top flight made the bold call to cancel the season

“It should reach a point where a player cannot pick up the infection in any way to resume football and perhaps the only way to do it is in some sort of World Cup tournament.

‘The use of neutral locations, a kind of training camp and the safety of players and staff is the most important thing. That should come in the first place.

“Me and Gary didn’t get out of the game for long, and we’d think of the safe with your wife and kids at home. Security is paramount at these Premier League meetings. ‘

The duo then investigated the ongoing confusion caused by teams voting on different outcomes. Conflicts of interest will continue to derail a potential restart of the Premier League, which Carragher believes is counterproductive.

“The interesting thing for me is that the PL votes so many times during the season and it takes the majority of 14 or something to get through. This is very different now that we know how serious it is, “added Carragher.

“What if one club doesn’t vote for it, but the rest does, does that change everything? It will be interesting to see how it works. Because if someone has a big problem with the coming season, whether it is for the players, neutral locations, there is so much to see if you need a unanimous vote to continue. That is a major concern for PL in the future. The virus will decide. ‘

Regardless of the final outcome, players will still be required to engage on an individual level and expose themselves to a risk element to end the season – something Neville believes requires a sign-off procedure.

“The reality is that we have to live normally again in the future, but there are questions about safety and timing,” Neville added.

“I’m not sure what they are [teams] vote because there is certainly a medical professional who gives them an opinion about safety and certainly when that judgment has been pronounced, you vote on it. It is negligence if you do not vote on their opinion.

“The only people who can make this possible are the players. They should sign a disclaimer like a jet ski. If you hurt yourself, you are liable, not the people who let you use the jet ski.

“Players will have to draw one before playing football. A few weeks ago, when I started to delve into the medical side, I said that players fear their safety and economic situation. ‘