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Gareth Southgate ‘hurt’ by England fans booing and taunting him after 4-0 hammering by Hungary

Gareth Southgate vows to be inspired by Sir Bobby Robson after England fans turned on him in ‘very, very PAINFUL’ 4-0 defeat to Hungary… as boss asks to be judged ‘on matches with our full strength players

  • Gareth Southgate booed by England fans after 4-0 defeat at Molineux
  • He was taunted with chants of ‘fired in the morning’ by disgruntled supporters
  • Manager admitted the comment ‘hurted’ but accepted it was a ‘chastisement’ night
  • He put the performances on the young side and tried to pull out all the stops

Gareth Southgate vowed to draw inspiration from the late Sir Bobby Robson after England fans turned on him and his players after their humiliation against Hungary and the worst home defeat since 1928.

Southgate was taunted with cries of ‘sacked in the morning’ and ‘you don’t know what you’re doing’ as England collapsed to a thumping 4-0 defeat at Molineux, but he insisted he use the flak that his side came to settle.

The record-breaking hammering – the first time England have ever lost a home game by four or more goals without scoring – rounded out an international break to soon forget for the Three Lions, leaving Southgate feeling the heat seriously.

Gareth Southgate was booed by England fans after Hungary's 4-0 hammering

Gareth Southgate was booed by England fans after Hungary’s 4-0 hammering

Some England supporters turned against the country's most successful manager in decades

Some England supporters turned against the country’s most successful manager in decades

England have not won any of their four Nations League matches, losing both to Hungary and the only goal they scored was a Harry Kane penalty.

Southgate said: ‘I knew the part before I took it. i would say it [fans’ opinion of him changing] has happened in 10 days and not 11 months but I saw all my predecessors go through that and I know great people like Sir Bobby Robson what he had to go through and how he was finally viewed when he took the team to a half world cup. last.

“Football is emotional, people pay to watch, express an opinion. The team couldn’t deliver tonight, that’s my responsibility, so if the flak comes my way, I’ll have to deal with it.

‘You won’t be the manager of England, it; not realistic to have the ride I’ve had for five years and no bad nights, difficult nights, criticism, that’s part of the job. I understand that tonight is a cathartic experience.

“We haven’t lost many football games and if you lose that hard, especially at home, but if you lose hard with England, it will be very, very painful.

This group of players has been incredible for their country. It is important that people stay with them because they will make great progress.

Southgate admitted the heavy defeat at Molineux was a chastisement

Southgate admitted the heavy defeat at Molineux was a chastisement

‘It [fan reaction] is not pleasant. The irony is that the pressure we’ve had and the reputation or comments have come in the two Nations League campaigns, and in neither campaign have we been able to pick anything close to our strongest team.

“The matches in which other English managers have been judged have been the best performances in 50 years. I totally understand that this story has been out all week. There’s no way I can dress tonight, but if we’re being judged on matches with our players at full strength, that’s a different rating.”

Southgate made nine changes to his starting squad, attacking even more substitutions as he chased the game and held up his hands for what followed.

But he also warned that the less experienced players who had opportunities in the past 10 days had missed their chance to impress him.

England suffered their worst defeat at home since 1928 in a 4-0 thump

England suffered their worst defeat at home since 1928 in a 4-0 thump

He said: ‘We chose a young team with energy and when the match started against them it started to look like that too. That is ultimately my responsibility.

“We have seen that we have to be at full strength and it was an important experience for many young players during these matches.

“We have very good young players but they need the experienced players around them and that’s the balance that when the game started against them tonight I didn’t give them enough leadership for that to happen.”

This international breakthrough could have been a reality check when it comes to not only the depth of Southgate’s options, but also their World Cup prospects.

Harry Kane believes it is important not to overreact and the mission remains the same

Harry Kane believes it is important not to overreact and the mission remains the same

Asked if he was as confident in their prospects in Qatar as he was for the English quartet of matches, Southgate added: “Obviously, after a result like tonight, anything I answer to that question will be ridiculous, so I the balance has to be right that what we are very clear about is what works for us, what produces results, what produces results for us.

“We didn’t get that balance right in these games, but there are extenuating circumstances for that. So we’ve always said we’re one of the teams that can push in the winter. I don’t think it’s any different.

“Other big teams have had difficult periods in this competition. It really is a unique set of circumstances for each country to deal with.

“We’re just looking at the focus on ours, but I’m looking at the balance in Europe and there are a lot of countries in a similar situation, so I have to learn the lessons from all the games played, some good, some not so good and adjust those.” to give us the best chance of success in the winter.’

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