GarageBand can now help you remix tracks by Lady Gaga and Dua Lipa

If a year inside convinced you to take your chance to become an international DJ, Apple updates GarageBand for iOS and iPadOS on Thursday with a low-stakes way to start dabbling in the world of remixes. GarageBand’s Remix Sessions lets you try remixing tracks from Dua Lipa and Lady Gaga with short video tutorials to watch while fiddling with loops.

You can access the new remix sessions from the Sound Library section of GarageBand. There is currently only one song for each artist, “Break My Heart” for Dua Lipa and “Free Woman” for Lady Gaga, but the number of samples and loops each song comes with is surprisingly wide. If you’ve played with GarageBand’s Live Loops before, the experience should be obvious. Apple’s implementation of its video tutorial is a bit clunky – the downloaded artist’s Live Loops project will appear in your GarageBand, but to watch as you edit your song, you’ll need to launch the video from the Sound Library page and bring it into view. – on-screen mode manually.

You can watch video tutorials with tips from Lady Gaga or Dua Lipa as you remix their songs.
Image: Apple

Apple also releases “hundreds of royalty-free loops, beats, instruments, drum kits, synth patches and samples” in downloadable Producer Packs that, like the Remix Sessions, contain video content that Apple believes provides insight into the producers’ creative process. As a companion Mark Ronson Live Loops project that ties into an upcoming Apple TV Plus show is interesting for you, that is also possible.

Interestingly, these new GarageBand benefits are currently only available on iOS and iPadOS: users of the original macOS desktop version will have to miss Lady Gaga’s encouragement. The macOS version of GarageBand includes free “Artist Lessons”, which are: more hands-on educational videos for specific instruments like guitar or piano, so at least there’s something for you if you’re trying to start your music journey.

GarageBand’s remix sessions and producer packs are now available for download.