Gangs of London Season 1 Recap: The Story So Far

Finn’s death leaves a huge void – in his family, his business (real estate development with a money laundering side), and London’s criminal underworld. The power burden falls on Sean, whose thirst for revenge and the need to prove himself results in questionable decision-making – much to the concern of Finn’s business partner and best friend, Ed Dumani (Lucian Msamati), and his son, Alex (Paapa Essiedu), who manages the books and courts the investors.

Supported by his mother, Marian (Michelle Fairley), Sean embarks on an increasingly brash and heavy-handed crusade to find his father’s killer. After a violent retaliatory strike against the young offender’s Traveler site draws too much attention, Ed is even more convinced – like Finn – that the impulsive Sean shouldn’t be running the show. And it seems he’s not alone, with the Wallace empire’s shady investors making a number of attempts on the young mobster’s life as they try to install Alex, a reliable and down-to-earth numbers man, as the face of the company.

With the revelation that it was the investors who commissioned Finn—in response to his threatening to close the business—and Ed and Alex’s decision to agree to their master plan, Sean dramatically cut ties. with the Dumanis. Sean gets off the grid and decides to make a statement to the investors by bombing a recently built luxury Wallace tower. But before he can carry out his plot to take down the entire system, he is shot in the face (a rather apt recall) by…

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Elliot: An undercover cop who’s in too deep

Former squad turned undercover agent Elliot (Ṣọpẹ́ Dìrísù) manages to force his way into Sean’s inner circle by helping to track down and rescue Finn’s injured driver, gaining vital information about the killer of Finn. the kingpin. After proving his loyalty and amazing credentials in a series of bruises, he is welcomed into the fold as Sean’s de facto bodyguard and right-hand man – even taking a bullet for the young mobster. The astute and experienced Ed, however, remains justifiably suspicious of him.

Elliot’s new position allows him to relay a steady stream of information about the Wallaces and Dumanis to his police supervisor, Vic (Jing Lusi). But his close relationship with Sean and his burgeoning relationship with Ed’s daughter Shannon (Pippa Bennett-Warner) is causing a headache for Vic’s superiors, who fear he’s in too much of a tangle. The final straw comes when he fails to save a fellow “UC” from a horrific death at the hands of the Wallace gang, and the order is given to “bring him in.”

Sean finally discovers Elliot’s secret and invites him to his hideout for a final showdown. Elliot plans to arrest him, but is intercepted by the investors, who make him an offer he can’t refuse: take out Sean and protect Alex, in exchange for Shannon’s safety and his own freedom. He accepts, shoots Sean and makes sure Alex “stays in the game” by helping him escape a police raid unscathed. But unbeknownst to Elliot, Shannon killed Vic after discovering his true identity – which should make for an interesting reunion of lovers, to say the least.


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