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GameStar selects the best console games: Big things are happening this week – WhatsNew2Day


From now on we also report on console games. And herald the big.

If you almost burst as a human, it usually has one of three reasons:

  1. Grandma has made her world-famous savoy stew again and now she’s full at night afraid someone might put a match in your bedroom.
  2. You said brave at a party Yeah, I’ll pack 20 helium balloonscan now levitate and now sounds like Officer Hooks from Police Academy.
  3. You’ve been biting your lip for a long, long time because you really want to talk about something but you can’t.

I’ve had it professionally for years. So no flatulence, but number three: The feeling of not being able to write about all the things I would like to tell you for a long time. That my great RPG love was sparked by a rather unoriginal Super Nintendo game, for example. That UFC4 is absolutely the most extraordinary fighting game that no human has ever played. And don’t start me with The Legend of Zelda or Ghost of Tsushima… I’ll talk about it all day and night.

This is finally possible on GameStar.de.

In the detailed FAQ, editor-in-chief Heiko explains why we no longer only report on PC games. As editor-in-chief, I’m here today to give you a tangible message together with the team showwhich we can finally do as a multiplatform site. And that GameStar remains GameStar.

Dimitry Halley

Editor-in-Chief Dimi already gambled on Game Boy and Super Nintendo, many years before his first PC. Super Mario Land, Lufia 2, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening – he got to know many of his favorite genres on brutally bad displays and brutally small tube televisions. His great love was always the PC, but Dimi is as happy as a little green mushroom to finally be able to break all restrictions.

The big theme week on GameStar.de

That’s why we don’t hesitate for long, but play straight away with a really bulging theme week, which we hope will be as much fun for you as we are. We have big plans: to choose the best console games – on PS5, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. get started from 12 noon on April 24th, the best PS5 games!

We also reveal our personal favorite platforms, finally test Demon’s Souls, Mario Kart and the new Horizon add-on from a 2023 perspective, provide you with further exciting features and, and, and. All within the first week. Here is the overview:

  • Monday April 24th: The 25 Best PS5 Games- Place 25 to 11.
  • Tuesday April 25th: The 25 best PS5 games- place 10 to 1.
  • Wednesday: April 26th: The 25 best Xbox games – places 25 to 11.
  • Thursday: April 27th: The 25 best Xbox games – place 10 to 1.
  • Friday April 28th: The 25 Best Nintendo Switch Games – Ranked 25th to 11th.
  • Saturday April 29th: The 25 Best Nintendo Switch Games – Ranked 10th to 1st.
  • Besides that: Reviews of Horizon: Burning Shores, Demon’s Souls, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Heiko has been waiting for this for weeks).
  • Besides that: We choose our personal favorite consoles (of all time).

The current GameStar editorial team has not only played on the PC for a long time. For example, right now I’m playing Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on the Xbox, a few old fighting games on the Switch, and my shooters on the PC. It’s very similar for the other members of the editorial team – and you too, after all, because at least 80 percent of the GameStar community also play on consoles, according to the survey.

And it is precisely to this fact that we want to adapt our offer now. So that we can provide you with even more comprehensive information and advice than you already have. And so that I can finally write about Fire Emblem.

The author of what'snew2day.com is dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on the latest news and information.

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