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Gamers put their best foot forward as they help a 69-year-old play Destiny 2


The Destiny 2 community can be very helpful, as a 69-year-old learned.

Do you find it difficult to start over in a community that has grown over the years? Do you know the feeling of being looked at wrong by others because of a lack of skills? If so, can you guess what the 69-year-old Reddit user Shragae must have feared when she asked for help online. But she is currently experiencing how helpful the Destiny 2 community can be.

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Community reactions range from Bolster above specific tips and Links to guides or statements from other older players showing that Shragae is by no means alone.

  • Reddit user SDoler1728 recommends you to simply ignore the scoreboard because: It is useless to measure the help you give. Any amount is good enough.
  • Also Reddit users ssauronn speaks well to: Just keep playing as you enjoy the game. That’s all you have to do to get it right.
  • Reddit user Solistial: We’re glad to have you in the community!
  • Reddit user nurse_enginurse: I’m also a senior (65) and often play with people over 50. You can find me as enginurse or Meela 27o) on Xbox.

By the way, the story began with something older postin which she reported that she had played Destiny 2 back in 2019 but lost interest after her father’s death. Her son recently suggested whether she might want to take another look – with success:

I’m addicted to Destiny 2 all over again. And while there are some things I don’t understand about the game, I’m having a blast!


Have you already experienced similar stories in Destiny 2 or other online games? Or did you unfortunately have to watch the exact opposite, how someone who is rather atypical for a certain group of players is excluded from it? Tell us in the comments and tell your story from the wide online worlds!

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