Gambling: How it can affect lives

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When we talk about gambling, we could paint a colorful picture. Odds, bets, football betting, slot machines, table games and jackpot. They all provide instant gratification at sites with trusted online casinos. However, we do need to admit that gambling might have an adverse effect on the gamblers life, so today we will take a look at how gambling can affect lives, and how to mitigate any gambling addiction risks. 

Your Financial Situation

Nothing new when we say that gambling can severely affect your pocket, and to be fair, not in a good way.  Maybe you could be spending more money than you budgeted for, and even struggling to meet your financial commitments. In extreme cases, some people also revert to taking our loans to cover due expenses and monthly living costs. Loan sharks would be the most obvious choice here, and that is just not good. 

If we have a look at what makes a gambler say, I need help, most of the time, this will be done to financial matters.  Unfortunately gambling addictions, just like many other addictions in life, are not detected that easily, and friends and family plus the overall support system, sometimes realise when it is too late. Financially that is. 

Bills not getting paid, the mortgage not being paid, and credit card debtors calling to ask about their monthly minimum payments. This is what addictions do to the gambler who has lost control. Losing a house, a family, a life is the impact that your financial situation could cause. The gambler might resort to borrowing money, from here, from there and to be fair, all these people will ask for their money back at some point. Desperation kicks in, and this is when you either ask for help or just keep digging into a black hole. 

Mounting debts is an issue, and no gambler is ready to take the plunge and address the amount that they owe. However, help is always at hand, and those who want and seek help, will always find it. The good news is that sites with trusted online casinos will also have links that direct you to gambling help. These professionals are on your side, the gamblers side, and their whole scope is to assist you . 

  1. Do not be shy and seek the essential help that you need. It only starts with that just 1 call, email, text. 
  2. Your financial matter is also something to think about. Speak about it, address it, and this will help you not to get tangled in further debytnow and in the future. 
  3. GamCare advisors are there to listen, to build you up and just be there when you need them. 

Let’s talk Mental Health

When someone has an issue that is brewing on their mind, he / she will become irritated. Restless if you will. This is the norm, the common trend.  The notion of hiding stuff from your family kicks in, and you will feel guilty for skipping that mortgage payment.  Your financial matters are in turmoil, and this is always at the back of your head. This is very common, and this is how the gambler;s mental health is affected.  Some might have remorse, some might feel like it is time to stop, but doing so is not easy. We all know that addictions could take over your life, your mental health will be effected and it is good to keep an eye open for signs of depression …these include

  1. Lack of sleep and overall lethargy 
  2. No desire or interest in social events or interactions 
  3. Mood swings that affect your relationships 
  4. Anxious and feeling on the edge all the time
  5. Thoughts of you cannot go on, with suicide. 
  6. Thoughts that you cannot live without gambling. 

If you have answered any of the above answers yes, then you might need to go back to the drawing board and take full control back of your life. It is not an easy process, but I know that many gamblers have overcome their addictions and got back on track. Institutions like Be Gamble Aware, Gamcare and more can help.  When things might feel like they are reaching a breaking point, all could be taken back in control.  The only thing to do is seek help. Reach out, take a self assessment and take that next step towards recovery. 

There are many days that you visit the new online casino, or the new bookmaker site and say, ‘ Today I will have that big win, this will be the last one and I will not come bac for more’ Some follow that route, if they win or not, however others do not, and will need that additional support system to get better and reach a  new level of normality without gambling. That is okay, and reaching out should not be the end of the world. Taking the first step might be difficult, but this is the most difficult part, after that the road to recovery begins. 

That feeling of you cannot win, or you need that gambling fix to go on is felt by many who have been through this path before. Just keep in mind that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and if you just reach out, you will get the help and the support that you need. Feeling shame is normal, but seeking help is investing in you. The new future. 

Your life relationships

Your social circle, or as we say nowadays, your bubble are the people who you are in contact with on a daily basis.  Your family is the first people one thinks about when talking relationships. Your partner, kids, parents and so on. Then we can talk about your work environment and how you will deal with that whilst being anxious and on edge.

The money loss will always impact the family until. The nucleus of a family is the financials, and without that, a family cannot survive. Then there is work, and people who have addictions like drugs, alcohol or gambling, will see their work life being affected by that. You could turn to work late, or just snap at someone for that small little thing.  People who are dealing with depression, have little time to focus on things, as the depression takes over their life and eats them away. 

Red flags will always pop up when a gambling matter arises.  Friends might think that you alienate them. In reality, when addictions arise, nothing else matters in life, and this is an issue that will have a spiral effect on every relationship that is in your life. 

Suicidal Thoughts

Many gamblers face suicidal thoughts unfortunately. This is the common trajectory for gamblers facing gambling addictions.  Know that if you are feeling that there is no hope and you cannot go on, help is there to pick you up.  The NHS has a structured mental health framework and they are just lovely to talk to and assist you. You can start off by speaking to your GP, and take it from there.

Apart from this. GamCare provides a solid set up when it comes to dealing with the gamblers and gambling addictions. Their specialist team is ready to help when it comes to you overcoming gambling and taking full control back of your life. The only thing that you need to do is just reach out. You will be welcomed with open arms, with no shame, and a support system will be there for you to assist you.

If you are having suicidal thoughts, just know  that this should not be the end. Take this thoughts, seek help, invest in the support you are provided and create a better future for yourself. You can!

Seeking help

The end might seem close, but taking charge of the situation could be the key to taking control over your life.  Before visiting that site with trusted online casinos, see if you really need to do so. Is it a must, and can you just walk away instead? If the answer to that is no, you could be facing gambling addiction, and this could unfortunately affect the above factors we discussed above. Help is there, like we mentioned earlier, it is just an email or a call away. You will not be smeared in shame, be sure that you will find the specialist support that you need, and it is 100% free. 

Gambling should be deemed as a fun outlet and not an addiction. Take the plunge and seek the assistance you need. Many people did it before, and so can you. Hope is the last to die.