GambleAware Campaign: Targeting and assisting women with gambling issues.

The UK is set to target problem gambling and GambleAware is at the forefront of this crusade. The British Charity organisation is launching a new anti gambling campaign that targets women aged between 18 and 54. Being one of the first campaigns that targets problematic gambling in women, the campaign is being marketed nationwide, via magazine advertising, radio announcements and also online media. Kicking off now, the campaign is set to be promoted way until the end of March 2021.

Many have questioned why the female gender is being targeted when it comes to gambling. The truth is, there was never any campaign that supports women at sites you can bet online at, or even launched across the whole UK. GambleAware feel that this is the best time to to support women who either are on the verge or else dealing with gambling addictions. 

One of the triggers to this campaign is a research on women and their gambling patterns, a survey that was launched with a collaboration between YouGov and GambleAware. The results from the research show that a solid 10% of women in the United Kingdom feel that they have a gambling problem of some sort or another. Another interesting fact is that these women are also at risk at being the other affected party that results from a family member’s gambling issues. This figure is set at 8% of the women, whilst men feel only 6% of them could be affected by the gambling of a said partner. 

GambleAware’s campaigns have never been against sites you can bet online at. They only want to make sure that gambling is regarded as a leisure, and not something that could take over and eat your life. When asked about the campaign, Gamble Aware advised that they will continue to support gamblers from any walk of life who seek help. The others that are left in the shadow, will hopefully be moved but such a campaign and reach out for help. The findings from the research was a pivotal point, were women have the need for a support mechanism, and this nation wide campaign is set to target just that. Support is available for women, and GambleAware is welcoming people always. 

Whilst some gamblers might find themselves in dire straits, the campaign is set to remind them that help is there, the awareness is there, and when you feel you reached breaking point, the support gambling addicts need, will be readily available.