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Galaxy S24 Ultra: A camera is said to go overboard for better photos – WhatsNew2Day


The S24 Ultra could get several adjustments to the cameras. (Image: S23 Ultra)

Samsung seems to want to give the future flagship model a 1-inch camera sensor. That’s what she wants Website SamLover learned from an unspecified source.

Sony has already shown the way with the Sony Xperia Pro 1 and Xiaomi followed with the 13 Pro. Apple is also rumored to want to jump on the bandwagon.

In addition to upgrading the main camera, Samsung is said to be planning further changes on the back of the smartphone for the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Galaxy S24 Ultra: Larger main sensor, fewer cameras

The S23 Ultra has a total of four cameras on the back. According to the website linked above, this should change with the S24. Accordingly, Samsung does without one of the two telephoto zoom cameras in the next flagship.

The remaining lens should be able to optically zoom to different levels.

The large sensor could claim the space gained in the case for itself. At 1 inch, the main camera would be able to capture more light, resulting in a wider dynamic range.

In addition to more image details, a high-speed sensor also comes into play in difficult lighting conditions.

So far, the rumors have not been picked up or confirmed by any known leaker. We’ll update the article as more details come to light.

Author’s opinion: Samsung stays ahead when it comes to camera zoom

1682432585 104 Galaxy S24 Ultra A camera is said to go overboard

Patrick Schneider: Regardless of whether the S24 Ultra will get a 1-inch sensor or rely on the current 200-megapixel camera of the S23 Ultra: the camera remains very good. I also assume that by 2024 no other manufacturer will overtake Samsung in zoom.

The South Korean manufacturer will probably keep its lead in this area and the current camera of the S23 Ultras is currently one of the best setups on the smartphone market anyway.

It would actually be interesting to break with tradition in the form of a step backwards from four to three camera lenses on the back in favor of a new, variable lens. Since the S20 Ultra, the manufacturer has installed the same number.

Apple will probably want to follow suit with its own periscope camera with the iPhone 15. According to previous rumours, it should be 2023, but only for the most expensive model: the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Is less sometimes more? Do you use all the cameras that are built into your smartphone? Write it to us in the comments!

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