Gaetz: I’m going to be the target of a sex trafficking investigation because I’m an “effective conservative.”


Matt Gaetz told former Trump White House adviser Sebastian Gorka in an interview Monday night that he was targeted by the left and media for being an “ effective ” conservative.

“ The things the media have said about me are lies and the truth will prevail, ” Gaetz said during a radio interview with Gorka on its America First program.

Gaetz alleges the investigation is linked to a plan by Department of Justice and State Department officials who, while on the federal payroll, tried to extort his family for $ 25 million.

The Florida congressman returned to radio after a media hiatus following allegations of misconduct at various levels – including sexual harassment and human trafficking, as well as sending inappropriate images from the House floor.

Matt Gaetz on Capitol Hill, April 14, 2021

Sebastian Gorka outside the White House, July 11, 2019

Rep. Matt Gaetz (left) said on Monday that he has been targeted by the left and the media establishment for being an ‘effective’ conservative. Comments came in an interview with former Trump assistant Sebastian Gorka (right) in his first interview in a while after multiple allegations of misconduct emerged against him

Gorka said the left-wing media went after Gaetz for being an effective voice as a conservative commentator, with which the representative agreed.

Gaetz, as he has done since the allegations came out earlier this year, maintained his innocence, blaming him for a larger conspiracy.

There are no formal charges against the Congressman, and no woman has publicly charged him with misconduct.

Federal investigators, however, are investigating whether Gaetz had sexual relations with a minor or paid for sex. The House Ethics Committee also opened an investigation to “gather additional information” about the allegations revealed against Gaetz.

“ There is a desire on the part of the big government, the big media and the big technology to attack, remove and destroy those who defend the America First cause, ” Gaetz said, using the term that former President Donald Trump repeats as a mantra. “I’m not just saying that.”

“Thank goodness for Project Veritas,” he continued of the conservative research and activist group.

While CNN was trying to propagate my life, a CNN director was actually recorded by a covert camera and said the reason CNN is repeating these things about me over and over is that I’m getting in the way of the Democratic agenda. , ‘Gaetz said to Gorka, a controversial figure herself.

“I am effective in advocating the beliefs of tens of millions of Americans who are patriotic and love our country and don’t think we should surrender to Washington, DC, in control of every decision we make in our lives.”

Gorka was Trump’s deputy assistant from January 2017 to August 25, 2017.

During the interview, Gaetz also spoke about an alleged extortion case against him.

“One person who tried to blackmail me is a former Justice Department official, the other was not paid by the State Department until 2019,” Gaetz explained.

“It remains a bit of a mystery why these people with such close ties to the government embroidered lies and leaks together to try and make my family pay $ 25 million,” he said.

Gaetz, pictured here on April 9 with fiancé Ginger Luckey, has maintained his innocence, claiming charges are the product of extortion against him and his family for $ 25 million

Gaetz, pictured here on April 9 with fiancé Ginger Luckey, has maintained his innocence, claiming charges are the product of extortion against him and his family for $ 25 million

Gaetz told Gorka that his team is “in the process of bringing my blackmailers to justice.”

Amid all the scandal surrounding the congressman, who just before the news of the misconduct announced that he was leaving politics and working for a media company, he is not shy.

On Friday, Gaetz and Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Green, another Trump support and far-right lawmaker, will hold a meeting at The Villages in Sumter County, Florida.

It’s the first event for Gaetz in what he says is “ taking the show on the road. ”

In the in-depth interview on Monday, Gaetz also went after the United States Postal Service for spying on Americans by following individuals’ social media.

“This is a classic government,” Gaetz said of the Internet Covert Operations Program (iCOP) launched by the USPS law enforcement division.

“The Post Office has a covert operation program on the Internet to spy on the political behavior of our fellow Americans on social media,” Gaetz said, stunned.

“If people don’t think the deep state is real,” he added, “this is the example that shows that even in the post office, government is getting out of hand and growing in our lives.”

Gaetz praised his proposed legislation that would defund iCOP, even though it’s unclear how much it will cost and where the money will come from.

Gaetz’s bill has nine co-sponsors, claiming that the program is “ not only illegal because it operates outside of its declared jurisdiction, but is also politically motivated in its purpose. ”

“The mail must deliver the mail on time and on budget,” Gaetz said of his bill. They shouldn’t have a secret surveillance program to track social media political behavior, protected by our cherished constitution. As the dangers of government oversight and targeting become more and more apparent, especially to conservatives, Congress must immediately abolish this program. ‘

iCOP, a report revealed last month, has analysts rummaging through social media sites looking for “ inflammatory ” messages – especially related to planned protests – which it then shares with other government agencies.