Gabby Allen reveals confrontation with Jacqueline Jossa after accusations of fraud

Gabby Allen of Love Island was seen with the husband of Jacqueline Jossa, shortly after separating from Marcel Somerville.

The two were seen together while Jacqueline was still pregnant, although both said nothing happened.

They were photographed and just after Jac and Dan announced their separation, which resulted in fans who persecuted Gabby and blamed her for the breakup of the relationship.

Since the scandal arose, the 25-year-old reality star admitted that she had talked with Jacqueline to soften things up.

"I never thought I'd have to explain anything before because I did not do anything wrong"

Gabby Allen

Speaking to The Sun Online, he said: "Yes, I've talked to her.

"I never thought I'd have to explain anything before because I did not do anything wrong, so why would I have to explain anything?

"But then we talked and it was good and you know what, it's a shame, because we all get along very well, it would have been nice to continue being friends later".

She added: "I only know Dan, I do not know Jac, so I do not know what's going on, but Dan is a really nice guy, we get along very well."


CBB: It is reported that Gabby goes to the house of CBB


STRANGER: Jac and Dan admitted that they were splitting earlier this year

Despite establishing the score with Jacqueline, things could be going downhill again, as it is rumored that both Gabby and Dan are due to the Celebrity Big Brother lineup.

After the first rumored cast was announced, Jacqueline took to Twitter to write a cryptic message.

She tweeted: "This industry and a lot of people in it will do anything to ruin and hurt people, I'm completely overrun, someone helps me act again now."

The tweet was removed shortly after she wrote it, but fans began to guess that the EastEnders actress was referring to putting Gabby and Dan in the CBB house together.


CO-FATHER: Jac and Dan have been co-parents since Mia was born

Jacqueline has just welcomed her second daughter, Mia, and her hubby has been around since she was born.

Shortly before the birth, Jacqueline and Dan had begun to work on their relationship again, taking it slowly.

There has not been a confirmation of their relationship status since Mia was born, but the couple seems to be doing joint parenting work for their two children.