G4’s newest host is the virtual streamer CodeMiko


G4’s latest host looks a little different from the rest of its lineup: he’s hired CodeMiko – one of the biggest virtual streamers on Twitch – to bring her eccentric interviews to the network.

CodeMiko, unlike the typical G4 host, is not human – or at least not entirely. CodeMiko is a Vtuber (‘virtual YouTuber’, although they are often found elsewhere), who uses motion capture technology to broadcast herself as a 3D character who can change her appearance on a whim. Since CodeMiko started about a year ago, it has skyrocketed, with over 680,000 followers on Twitch and an average audience of over 6,000 viewers at a time.

On G4, CodeMiko will interview “some of the most notable names in gaming and entertainment” and chat with other network hosts, including Kevin Pereira and Adam Sessler. “CodeMiko will bring its revolutionary interviewing experience to G4 and help the network push the boundaries of gaming entertainment,” said Kevin Sabbe, G4’s chief of content in a press release.

If you haven’t seen CodeMiko’s interviews then you should check them out. They are strangely aggressive and often take advantage of her virtual nature to put CodeMiko in different outfits and environments to match the conversation:

As you might imagine, she’s also walked the line of what’s acceptable on Twitch and has already been banned a few times. Hosting on G4 (from Twitch at least) could give CodeMiko a way to keep her wilder material without the constant fear of being banned.

G4 plans to relaunch later this year. The network closed in 2014, but is now being revived by a gaming brand owned by Comcast. Currently, the network exists on YouTube and Twitch.