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FYNG CAGGTUS: Which co-op or multiplayer title should we play live at the location? You decide!


You may have already noticed: CAGGTUS will take place in Leipzig from April 14th to 16th. At the gaming event you will not only find Germany’s largest LAN party, but also lots of exciting booths, cosplay competitions and us!

As part of our FYNG (Find your next Game) event, we are finally back with a booth and will be streaming directly from the fair for three days. Exciting talks, game presentations, technology segments and of course live gameplay await you. And for that we need your input.

We already have on ours Monster Sand Blast Discord asked for ideas that we now want to put to the vote. You can give a total of three votes. The poll is embedded at the top of the article. A description of the individual games can be found here:

  • Boomerang Fu: You and your friends are foods fighting each other (yes, you read that right). A number of weapons, power-ups and tricks are available to you on the various maps.
  • Bravery and Greed: In the mix of beat’em up, roguelite and dungeon brawler, you choose one of four classes and go into battle with up to three other friends. Either against or with each other.
  • Gang Beasts: Nothing beats well-groomed fights that look as absurd as possible and are controlled that way. You can decide whether you want to fight each other or join forces against other gangs.

FYNG CAGGTUS Which co op or multiplayer title should we play.svg


What is… Gang Beasts? – Multiplayer video: “I’ve got the ball, grab grandma!”

  • Gartic Phone: You probably already know that from various children’s birthday parties. Gartic Phone is the online version of “Silent Post”, so to speak. You get a concept and have to draw it or decipher your friends’ artwork.
  • Hey Ho: The task sounds simple, but it is damn difficult to execute: Don’t crash. To do that, you have your friends and very long arms.
  • Keep Talking and Nobondy Explodes!: One sits in a room with a bomb, the other(s) sits on the other side and has the defuse manual. Now communication is required.
  • Mario Kart 8: You probably all know the cult racing game. Here you compete in a race with your kart and have to be the first to complete three laps on the track. The use of bananas, bombs and blue tanks is explicitly allowed.
  • move out: What could be nicer than moving house together? In the physics-based moving simulator, you and your friends drag furniture out of the booth and try not to get run over.

Moving Out - First gameplay from crazy co-op game

FYNG CAGGTUS Which co op or multiplayer title should we play.svg


Moving Out – First gameplay from crazy co-op game

  • plateUp: From moving to the restaurant. Here you design and maintain an entire restaurant with up to three other friends. From the decoration to the dishes, everything is in your hands.
  • Slap City: In this platformer, you’ll smash each other’s nuts and try to be the last of four to stand.
  • Stick Fight: The Game: Again there’s a full pound on the mouth. But this time as a stick figure and now and then with the support of various… opinion boosters.
  • Ultimate Chicken Horse: This is where you expand each level as you play. The aim is to eliminate your fellow players without blessing yourself with your own creations.
  • We are screwed: As the crew of a starship, you have to keep the whole thing running while navigating your way through the procedurally generated galaxy to find the guy who pulled the plugs on various worlds.
  • Witch It: In this hide-and-seek game, you must either be creative in hiding from your colleagues or be clever in your search.
  • Worms: A hit for decades: Use military force to incapacitate enemy worms while being careful not to fall victim to a missile attack yourself.

If you are at the fair, we look forward to seeing you at our stand. You can find us in the Entertainment section in the USK 12 section (now you also know why our game selection above does not exceed the recommended age of 12). If you’d rather watch the whole spectacle from the comfort of your own home with your feet on the couch, just tune in to our Twitch channel. We stream daily from the fair from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (except Sundays, because only until 5 p.m.).

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