Fury as Hollywood remains silent on Balenciaga scandal

There has been a growing fury at Hollywood’s silence regarding the multiple child imagery scandals surrounding Balenciaga. 

Models and brand ambassadors Bella Hadid, as well as Nicole Kidman are among those still to condemn the fashion house. They both appeared in the controversial Spring’23 campaign. It has been removed from the company’s website. This is the subject of heated debate in fashion circles. 

Neither Balenciaga nor Balenciaga have publicly commented on Balenciaga using toddler models in a holiday shoot to advertise handbags designed like teddy Bears and dressed in bondage equipment. They also did not comment on the inclusion of a SCOTUS child pon ruling in the background shot. 

They have yet to address the prominently displayed book in another image that celebrates Michael Borremans’ work. This artist is known for his sadistic depictions a castrated, naked toddler. 

Kim Kardashian, the brand’s most prominent ambassador and, not coincidentally, one of the most well-known women in the world, stated that she is’reevaluating’ her relationship to the fashion house after the scandal. However, she did not disengage herself from the brand.  

Last Night, She Attended The Theater In New York And Uploaded A Photo From The Performance On Instagram

Nicole Kidman is seen left, walking in Balenciaga’s Paris show last month. She has yet to address the controversy. Last night, Nicole Kidman attended the New York Theater and uploaded a photograph from the performance to Instagram (right). She ignored questions from fans regarding the scandal. 

Bella Hadid In The Balenciaga Spring '23 Campaign For Its Collaboration With Adidas. She Is Yet To Comment On The Multiple Child Imagery Scandals Engulfing The Brand

Bella Hadid is seen in Balenciaga’s Spring ’23 campaign, which was created for the collaboration with Adidas. She The brand has yet to comment on multiple child imagery scandals. 

French Actress Isabelle Huppert Is Shown Posing In Front Of A Book By Artist Michael Borremans Whose Work Includes Depictions Of Naked, Castrated Toddlers

Isabelle Huppert, French actress, is shown standing in front a Michael Borremans book. Borremans’ work also features images of castrated toddlers.

Balenciaga VIP guests are a group of celebrities who often attend Balenciaga shows. They pose for ads and gush over Demna Gavasalia. 

Nicole Kidman, the actress in Spring ’23 Campaign, chose to ignore the controversy and instead uploaded a picture of herself at the theatre. 

Bella Hadid, who starred in the campaign as well, paid tribute to Virgin Abloh who died exactly one-year ago. However, she didn’t comment on the controversy or respond to inquiries. 

Isabelle Huppert’s representatives did not respond either to inquiries. Isabelle Huppert appears in two photos taken during the campaign in front a Borremans Book. 

They are not the only ones supporting the brand. 

Kylie Jenner, and Khloe Kardashian attended the Balenciaga Paris show last month. They have yet to comment. 

Alexa Demie, Euphoria actress is still refusing to delete an ad campaign she shot for it from her Instagram feed despite growing outrage among her followers. 

Many people are now pointing out the hypocrisy of a group liberal celebrities who were quick to cancel other conservatives for different offenses. 

“Not a single bank dropped Balenciaga. Culture will cancel a company that makes canned food for its CEO voting RedConservative activist said that it was not a fashion label that promoted child pornography. 

More Silence: Balenciaga Darlings Kylie Jenner And Khloe Kardashian Sit Front Row At Shows And Attend The Brands Afterparties As Vip Guests.  Neither Has Commented On The Child Imagery Scandal. They Are Photographed At The Paris Fashion Week Show Last Month

Silence: Balenciaga darlings Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian are front row guests at the shows and attend the afterparties of the brands as VIP guests.  They have not commented on the scandal of child imagery. They were photographed last month at Paris Fashion Week.

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Salma Hayek'S Husband Francois Pinault Is The Ceo Of Kering, Balenciaga'S Parent Group. She Continues To Support The Fashion House On Social Media, Despite The Turmoil. Kering Has Not Issued A Statement On The Controversy

Francois Pinault, Salma Hayek’s husband, is the CEO at Kering. This is Balenciaga’s parent company. She The fashion house continues to be supported on social media despite all the turmoil. Kering has not made a statement regarding the controversy. 

Euphoria Actress Alexa Demie Continues To Promote The Brand On Instagram. Above, Her Campaign Ad From August, Which Remains At The Top Of Her Feed, Despite Growing Disgust Among Fans

Alexa Demie, Euphoria actress continues to promote the brand via Instagram. Above is her August campaign ad, which continues to be at the top her feed despite growing disgust among her fans 

'Disgusted', But Not Distanced: Kim Kardashian Says She Is 'Re-Evaluating' Her Relationship With Balenciaga, But She Is Yet To Completely Denounce The Brand Or Cut Ties

Kim Kardashian is not disgusted, but not distant. Kim Kardashian said she is’reevaluating’ her relationship to Balenciaga. She has yet to officially denounce the brand, or cut ties with it. 


The Bondage Bears Christmas campaign 

Balenciaga’s holiday ad campaign for 2022 featured children with their Plush Toy bag. This scandal caused a commotion. These bags look just like teddy bears, and they are outfitted in BDSM gear. 

The photo shoot featured the children surrounded with empty wine and champagne glasses. 

1669733928 111 Nicole Kidman Is Lambasted For Refusing To Address Balenciagas Bdsm

Many were immediately disturbed by the clearly adult themes and asked why children have ever been used. 

Balenciaga ignored the scandal at first and seemingly allowed the photographer who was involved, Gabriele Galimberti, to take the heat. 

He Balenciaga finally released its own statement, agreeing to his statement and accepting responsibility for the campaign. 

It has been removed from internet. 

Hidden porn files for children 

After The BDSM is a fiasco. Eager critics began to examine the rest Balenciaga campaigns. 

Soon, they discovered that the background of the Spring ’23 image was actually a printout from the Supreme Court regarding whether internet child porn is legal. 

Many critics said that the scandal surrounding the bears suggested a troubling pattern in Balenciaga. 

Balenciaga quickly blamed North Six, a production firm that helped organize the shoot, and for including those documents. 

They claimed they had given all props for the photoshoot over to North Six and that their team was told everything was fake. 

The disturbing book by an artist whose artwork depicts naked, castrated toddlers 

Balenciaga still has not responded to questions regarding the inclusion in the background of two images of the Spring ’23 campaign of Michael Borremans. 

Borremans, a Belgian painter, is known for his troubling 2017 series Fire. From The Sun. 

It shows naked toddlers, some of whom are castrated, playing together and sometimes alone. asked lawyers for the brand about the fate of the book in the photoshoot.  

In This Image From Balenciaga'S Scrapped Spring '23 Campaign, Isabelle Huppert Sits In Front Of A Stack Of Books Including One That Celebrates Michael Borremans, A Belgian Painter Whose Work Is Known To Include Depictions Of Castrated Toddlers

In this image from Balenciaga’s scrapped Spring ’23 campaign, Isabelle Huppert sits in front of a stack of books including one that celebrates Michael Borremans, a Belgian painter whose work is known to include depictions of castrated toddlers

Borremans' Other Work Includes His 2017 Series Fire From The Sun, Which Features Castrated Toddlers And Babies Holding What Look Like Severed Limbs, While Playing Together Nude In A Large Group

Borremans also created the 2017 series Fire. From The Sun features castrated babies and toddlers holding what appear to be severed limbs while playing nude together in large groups.

Misan Harriman is the chair of London’s Southbank Centre. He is also a photographer. 

The average man and women need to go see the leaders of the industry, the stakeholders in the sector, and call out the abuse of children within this industry. This should rise above the parties you’re attending in this winter season and the shows you’re going to.

‘This moment is on you – you have to decide whether you can know that children are not being protected by the industry that feeds you – or have polite indifference,’ he said. 

Nigel Farage, a former politician and TV host in the UK, asked why the scandal was not getting more attention from the media. 

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1669734122 904 Fury As Hollywood Remains Silent On Balenciaga Scandal

Growing Outrage: Many Are Calling On The Stars Who Continue To Associate With Balenciaga To Distance Themselves From The Brand

Balenciaga stars are being called out by many for distancing themselves from the brand. 

“We live in cancel culture but only if we have conservative opinions. If you’re on a left-leaning party and you support pedophilia everyone stays schtum. He said it was disgusting. 

Others are wondering why Apple hasn’t deleted Balenciaga’s “in black” app, despite having threatened to remove Twitter. 

Apple is now restricting airdrop in China, after protestors used it to communicate. Apple’s support for the CCP is a clear indication of what type company they are. 

‘Meanwhile Balenciaga’s app is still available to download…’ said Bitcoin investor Laya Heilpern. 

Yesterday Balenciaga attempted a redressal to the scandals. It released a statement where it apologized for the BDSM Bears campaign but blamed the other shoots on a design production firm. 

Demna, its revered creative director, continues to repost that statement on social media but he is yet to offer any of  his own. 

The brand is still working on the inclusion of Michael Borremans’ book in the shoot. 

Borremans’ 2017 work, Fire From The Sun is a disturbing series that depicts toddlers covered in blood, some of whom have been castrated. 

These images were posted yesterday to the dismay of many, but they are still being addressed.

Balenciaga'S Latest Statement Acknowledges The Teddy Bears Scandal, Which It Takes Responsibility For, And The Scotus Child Porn Ruling Being Included In Another Photo But It Makes No Mention Of The Borremans Book

Balenciaga’s most recent statement admits the Teddy Bears scandal, for which it accepts responsibility, and also the SCOTUS child porn ruling, as it is included in an additional photo, but does not mention the Borremans book. 

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