Furniture Trends Taking by Storm the Hospitality Industry

The interior of any space is heavily impacted by the use of furniture in that space. Although the main purpose of furniture is to be functional, in today’s day, it is equally important to have an appealing aesthetic. With the use of the right furniture and the right furniture manufacturing company partnered for your project, you could easily transform a space into a cozy or an intimate lounge area, or even just plan an open atrium space that looks great and leave a lasting impression on all of your customers.

Generally, people who travel long distances traversing over continents for business and for leisure require a relaxing environment the moment they enter a lobby of a new hotel or living space. They seek solace in restful spaces in between business meetings and sightseeing excursions. These leisure areas are generally dining spaces or hotel lobbies and lounges. Therefore, it is important for high-end hospitality furniture to be creative as well as comforting, keeping in mind the hotel’s concept.

Although furniture trends are constantly changing to keep in line with the developments in the wider interior design industry, there are some tips that one needs to keep in mind while scaping interiors for hotels. 

Today there are far more materials available in the market to create inspiring furniture designs that are not only imaginative but very well thought of when it comes to comfort and functionality. With the plethora of options available, defining a style for your venue can be quite tough. Below-given furniture trends seem to be staying for long. Implementing them using the best furniture manufacturers as partners could give your venue the boost needed to draw more customers. 

1. Using Wood Whimsically

Today, polished wood has become timeless and is often a go-to trend, especially in the Scandinavian chic interior design realm. It is not only minimal but proves to be a classic design that is timeless. This classic design dates back to the early 20th century that didn’t quite heavily involve ornamented furniture. Instead, this form of using wood instills a breath of fresh air in more modern spaces. 

In more contemporary spaces, one can use wood for paneling on the walls and can be combined with pay still colors that inject a little bit of color into space, using contrast in texture and color to juxtapose natural and industrial spaces.

2. Using Mixed Materials

Contrast is not a new element in the design; in fact, as more patterns, finishes, colors become available for use, there are plenty of options. By using a mix of materials such as marbles and metals, you can easily create plush furniture that is elegant and designs witty and worthy. These motives are not only creative but very unique to high-end hospitality furniture that is usually made at top furniture manufacturers’ spaces. In more modern spaces, furniture interior designers tend to want to get adventurous and add vibrant colors. This trend is quite picking up nowadays. Increasingly more and more hotels are incorporating the use of vibrant colors to make the space look fresh and relaxing. Using big splashes of furniture and accessories that are made in the primary tones make the interior spaces look ultramodern. The board seating areas or in lobby areas make the space look upscale uplifting the environments’ ambiance and mood.

3. Amp Up the Volume

If the hotel’s narrative is to make the spaces intimate, giving it a feel of coziness like that of a jungle, then using dark hues and moody tones brings back this element of cozy, intimate spaces rightfully so. Using vanished browns and lacquered blacks, deep purples and vermillion reds give furniture the much desired intimate and moody feel. Increasingly more hotels use these elements in their lounges and guest rooms. By using the right kind of warm lighting, these dark tones in hues give off a sultry shadow across the room, making it a perfect cozy relaxation spot.

These are the three trends that you could use in your hotel spaces by hiring the right furniture manufacturing company that could create high-end hospitality furniture for your specific needs following your narrative.