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Furious residents protest against 50ft broadband mast which ‘looks like a horrific rocket launcher’

Furious residents protest 50-foot broadband mast erected by one outside their homes that ‘looks like a horrifying rocket launcher’

  • Households in Bolton, Greater Manchester, rioted against a 50 ton broadband mast
  • One of the protesters described the mast as a ‘horrible rocket launcher’

Hundreds of angry homeowners waved banners and placards in protest at a “heinous rocket launcher” just outside their homes.

Fed up residents say the 50-foot metal pole erected by telecom company IX Wireless is devastating their lives and demanded its removal.

The company insists the mast will give locals in Bolton, Greater Manchester, much better access to ‘gigabit-enabled broadband services’ as part of a rollout of high-speed internet.

But households say they are angry that planning laws allow poles to go up without their consultation or consent.

Organizer Martin Henderson said people across the country should stand up to their “devilishly unnecessary installation.”

Hundreds of angry residents protested after the installation of a ‘heinous rocket launcher’ mast in Bolton

The group 'residents against IX Wireless' met after the telecom company installed a metal mast 'without consultation'

The group ‘residents against IX Wireless’ met after the telecom company installed a metal mast ‘without consultation’

He said: ‘I’m amazed at how many people have turned up here today, it seems to be around 150.

‘The figures show how realistic the care is for residents who feel that this does not bring any benefit to the community.

“It’s not even people from Bolton who have come here today, there are people here who are facing similar situations where they live and want to talk about what we can do to stop this.”

Julie Eaton, 59, traveled to the protest from nearby Middleton after discovering poles were being installed in her area – and said she disrupted their installation.

She said: ‘We are about two months behind the people of Bolton in installing the masts, but we expect them to install those rocket launchers very soon.

“One of the selling points of my street was that everything was underground, we had no hanging wires at all, but that’s about to change.

“My neighbors and I have parked our cars on the curb to avoid any posts being put up, but I wanted to come here today to see what’s happening in Bolton and find out more about what can be done.”

A spokesperson for IX Wireless said their industry was “heavily regulated” and the council had been advised of where the poles would be placed.

Residents met at the Morrisons gas station before heading to the mast for a community gathering

Residents met at the Morrisons gas station before heading to the mast for a community gathering

They said: ‘The network provides gigabit-capable broadband services at a fraction of the cost of other broadband providers.

“The rollout will enable us to provide cheaper broadband to communities across the region.

“The industry is heavily regulated and all structures undergo rigorous testing and meet industry standards.

‘The same applies to the placement of the piles and the municipality is aware of the work.

“Of course we want to improve our communications where we can, and in many cities we have weekly meetings with councilors and elected officials to resolve issues and communicate.

‘It is our intention to see which locations in the area are highlighted and how we can improve our services to local residents.

“It is also our intention to provide high-speed internet access to communities and residents who may not have access to it.”