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Furious motorists come close to blows with eco protesters, pushing them to ground in Rome

Furious motorists come close to beating eco-protesters, pushing them to the ground and dragging them away as they halt traffic for another day in Rome

  • Drivers insulted eco-activists while sitting in front of their cars in Rome
  • A driver who told them to move said his sick mother was in the car with him
  • Another motorist is seen pushing a protester to the ground in a close-up
  • They finally cleared the way for an ambulance, cleared the highway

Angry motorists knocked over eco-protesters and dragged them off the road in an attempt to unblock traffic after they sat down in the middle of the highway in Rome.

Eco-protesters have blocked highways across Europe, sparking clashes as the protesters clashed with drivers who wanted to come to work and fulfill agreements.

A motorist with gray hair and glasses is heard saying in Italian that his mother suffers from ankylosing spondylitis, a rare form of arthritis, and is sitting in the car with him.

You can see him grabbing a female protester and dragging her across the road, yelling, “You’ve chased me away now, my mom is sick in the car.”

At one point, a motorist pushes a protester to the ground, with the encounter almost turning violent.

At another time, a driver rushes into a protester blocking their way, who moves out of the way to avoid being run over.

The motorists insulted the activists as they positioned themselves in front of the cars

A motorist in Rome is pictured just before pushing an eco-protester to the ground for blocking the highway, with the encounter almost turning violent

A driver accelerates a protester blocking their path (left), who gets out of the way. Eco-protesters have blocked highways across Europe, sparking clashes as the protesters collide with those with cars on the road. Shortly after, the angry drivers tore away the banner the eco-protesters had brought to illustrate their reason for blocking the road (right)

A female activist who appeared to be taking an active role in the negotiations with the motorists told the man to stay calm and cooperate.

Another motorist yelled in the women’s faces: “Let’s make 18 nuclear power plants and that’s how we can solve the problem.”

She shook her and said, “No, we have to fix this now!”

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The motorists continued to insult the activists as they moved in front of the cars.

“For God’s sake let’s get off this banner, I have to go to work, I don’t care what you’re doing here,” said another angry driver, tearing the banner away and explaining their reason.

“There is no water and there will be no food,” the protester replied.

The eco-protesters eventually moved aside when an ambulance arrived and cleared the highway.

“If they decide to arrest them all, it will always be too late,” one commenter said in response to the video on Twitter.

“The man who talked about the 18 nuclear power plants is the only environmentalist I see in this video,” another commentator said in Italian.

Just days ago, protesters sat in the middle of Via Guglielmo Marcon in Rome with banners raised as part of Ultima Generazione, Italian for Last Generation, demonstrations.

Pictured is an irate driver confronting a protester holding a banner as he blocks one of the busiest roads in Rome on Oct. 31

A protester sits with her hands up as a car tries to drive around a group of eco-fanatics blocking the road on Oct. 31

‘Ultima Generazione’ demands reopening of disused coal-fired power plants and cancels project of new drilling for natural gas research and extraction

The ‘civil disobedience’ movement emerged last year from Extinction Rebellion and the independent ‘Ultima Generazione’.

The protesters demand that disused coal-fired power plants be reopened and call for a halt to a new drilling project to research and extract natural gas.

Environmental protesters stuck to glass to protect Sandro Botticelli’s Primavera, which was on display at an art gallery in Florence in July.

On October 13, activists from Just Stop Oil stuck to the road at a large roundabout in south London during rush hour.

The roadblock was their 13th straight day of protests that have now resulted in more than 350 arrests.


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