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Furious mother speaks out after school embroiled in gender dispute Drag Queen gave ‘graphic’ sex lessons


A mother at the scandal-hit school where a drag queen was allegedly giving sex education lessons has expressed her fury after her 11-year-old daughter was taught about oral and anal sex.

The girl, who only left primary school last summer, was left upset and disturbed by what she described as ‘graphic’ content in the classroom.

And, in a separate incident at the school, a boy received a detention for disagreeing with the statement that “there are 73 genders”, Mail Online has learned.

The concerned mother spoke to MailOnline after her 11-year-old daughter was taught about oral and anal sex in the classroom at Queen Elizabeth II School under fire on the Isle of Man.

Mother says daughter was upset and disturbed by 'graphic' content in class

Mother says daughter was upset and disturbed by ‘graphic’ content in class

The 14-year-old was told by staff to leave class and had to serve a lunchtime detention for “disruption”, but he and his parents insist he was “just expressing his own opinion”.

An independent review has been launched at Queen Elizabeth II Secondary School in Peel, Isle of Man, after Year 7 boys were reportedly ‘traumatised’ after learning about sex change operations and sexual acts .

Angry parents bombarded the school with calls and emails after the children returned home, telling them about the graphic lessons, which some labeled “more pornography than education.”

It led to the suspension of classes while the island’s Department of Education ordered an urgent review of the curriculum, and the news even made headlines in the United States.

The mother of a Year 7 girl said she couldn’t believe it when her daughter came home to tell her what she had learned in class.

“When my daughter told me what had happened, I went to the school immediately and asked what the hell they were doing talking in such graphic detail,” her mother said.

‘Ok, I get that you need to learn about reproduction and birds and bees, but just stick to basic biology with a male and a female.

‘My daughter is only 11 years old, she is five years under the age of consent and she is learning about anal sex and oral sex. What was the school thinking?

“It wasn’t age-appropriate for 7-year-olds and it certainly wasn’t necessary. It would have been nice if the school had told parents exactly what the content was, but we received no warning.

“Kids aren’t mature enough at 11 to hear such graphic content, it’s grooming kids and we’re supposed to steer them away from pornography, but here they’re hearing all about it.”

All relationship and sex education lessons at Queen Elizabeth II School are currently on hold

All relationship and sex education lessons at Queen Elizabeth II School are currently on hold

“Teachers don’t always align with certain moral or religious views, and while the liberal mindset encourages diverse sex education, premarital sex, and sexual orientations, it’s not something that should be required.

‘At that age it should be left to the discretion of the parents to decide what they consider appropriate to disclose and encourage.’

The mother, who has other children at the school, added that parents were also outraged when they discovered the graphic sexual content of the controversial curriculum.

She added: ‘The youngest kids in school have been told about oral and anal sex, at 11! What the hell is that about? It’s more pornography than sex ed classes.

“It’s adult content and should be advertised as such, and yet neither parent had any idea what was in the curriculum until their kids came home and started talking about what they were doing at school.”

‘If you ask me, it’s grooming young children to be different things just to fit in and leaving them confused as to where they belong.

“It’s like believing that there are only two genders is wrong nowadays and they want to make you feel guilty for thinking that.”

With her mother’s permission, MailOnline spoke to an 11-year-old girl who had attended the classes who said she was left ‘sick and disgusted’ by what she had heard in the lesson.

The girl said: “It was all very graphic and hearing about oral and anal sex at my age was not very pleasant.” She made me feel bad and I wanted to leave the lesson.

“It was disgusting and horrible and a lot of my friends just tuned out because they didn’t want to hear about funding and stuff.” Why do we need to know that at 11?

We’re too young for that kind of thing. I know we have to learn how to make babies and that’s fine, but I don’t want to learn about men kissing men and women kissing women, which was part of the lesson.

“Most of the class didn’t even listen to what the teacher was saying, some were drawing or just looking out the window. I think it’s because they couldn’t believe what the teacher was saying.

Meanwhile, the 14-year-old’s mother said: “I’m all for people being different and don’t get me wrong, each to their own, but this gender nonsense is ridiculous.”

“As far as I’m concerned, you can’t change biology and I was shocked when I called the school to find out why my son had received a detention.

“The fact that our children are not allowed to have their own opinion, in other words that there are only two genders is disgusting.

“The teacher was insisting that there were several genres and he simply said that, as he has the right, he did not accept it and was punished for having his own opinion.

“There is absolutely no need to shove gender and pride down children’s throats and the more it is done, the more it alienates most parents and children.”

‘My son was told that he has to accept that there are more than two genders and when he questions it they punish him, why? He’s just not turned on.

He said he didn’t believe it and was punished. In my opinion, that is wrong.

The school has been embroiled in controversy since it was claimed that a drag queen was a guest speaker at a Year 7 sex education class in September last year, telling pupils there were 73 genders.

The school has insisted that “some aspects are inaccurate” but has refused to clarify.

The island has a thriving drag scene with at least six drag queens, none of whom are believed to be involved with the Queen Elizeabeth II show.

Among them Owen Atkinson, whose stage name is Fenella Beach. He previously wrote on his blog that he goes to high schools to talk to the kids in their LGBT+ groups about his experiences. He declined to comment.

But one drag queen, who asked not to be named, told MailOnline: “It’s a small community of drag queens of no more than six or seven and we all know each other and this has caused a lot of problems.”

It has set our relationship with the island back ten years and it is all because this did not happen as described. There was no drag queen at school, that’s all.

“All the drag queens on the island know each other and if it had been one of us we would have known, we would have talked about it and we would have known but nobody knows anything.

‘It’s a unicorn, it didn’t happen and it’s having a detrimental effect on the LGBT+ community on the island. If you ask me, there is an ongoing agenda and hopefully the review will show that it was not as people have been talking about.

“People just want to demonize drag queens and say we’re impacting young children and someone is capitalizing on parental fear and we’re stuck with that.”

Charlotte Clarke, Head of Queen Elizabeth II Secondary School, said: “Having seen a video currently circulating on social media relating to the school’s CSR curriculum and its delivery, we are concerned that there may be a number of inaccuracies. with the information that is being given. shared.

“Given the concerns raised, and in order to be open and transparent, we request an independent review of the situation. As such, I am happy to participate in the independent review being implemented by the Department for Education, Sport and Culture and would encourage our community to avoid speculation at this time.”

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