Arizona GOP officials slammed officials in Maricopa County after announcing that 17,000 votes would have to be recounted when tabulators failed on election night.

Officials in Arizona’s most populous county said about 7 percent of ballots were affected by a misprint that prevented the vote counters from reading them.

GOP governmental hopeful Kari Lake, who closed the election night gap on Democratic rival Katie Hobbs, said the situation in Maricopa was scandalous after the county’s first reports yesterday showed she beat Hobbs by 70.6 percent to 29, 4 percent.

Lake told Fox’s Tucker Carlson Wednesday night that one of her first actions as governor would be to revamp the state’s voting process to avoid the current failures.

“We need to get rid of these unreliable machines and we’ve seen the problems they can cause,” Lake said. “We’re tired of being the shame Maricopa County has let us become and we won’t be doing another election like this.”

Joining the outcry was Arizona Secretary of State candidate Mark Finchem, who is five points behind Democrat Adrian Fontes.

“Maricopa’s electoral systems are a national disgrace,” Finchem tweeted. “We waited 24 hours and got a whopping 62k votes. Even third world countries count faster than that.’

Arizona Republican governor candidate Kari Lake condemns state’s slow voting process after Maricopa County officials told them to recount 17,000 votes

Arizona Secretary of State candidate Mark Finchem, who is five points behind Democrat Adrian Fontes, joined the outcry

So was Abe Hamadeh, the GOP attorney general candidate who is in another race too close to turn on the state

Abe Hamadeh, the GOP attorney general candidate trailing just 0.2 percent against Democrat Kris Mayer, joined the criticism of Maricopa.

“Arizona DESERVES results on Election Day,” Hamadeh tweeted. ‘This is a disgrace. Maricopa County needs accountability.”

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County officials apologized for the delay and said all ballots will be counted, but did not provide a timeline for doing so.

They did not offer any new information about the cause of the problem, but promised a thorough assessment.

‘There is no such thing as a perfect election. Yesterday was not a perfect election,” said Bill Gates, Republican chairman of the County Board of Supervisors. “We’ll learn from it and do better.”

Maricopa County officials estimated that there were about 400,000 votes left to count, of which about 275,000 ballots came in on Election Day itself — votes known in some places as “late earlylies,” known to be the counting table. on.

It may take several days to see who won some of the tighter matches. County officials expected to receive daily updates on the census.

Lake is just 0.6 percent behind her Democratic rival Katie Hobbs (above) — a big improvement from Election Night when the GOP candidate lagged by double digits

Lake, who is now just 0.6 percent behind Hobbs, has said she wants to significantly reduce voting for early and mailed options, choose options chosen by at least eight out of 10 Arizona voters, and hand out all ballots. counting, which according to election administrators would be extremely time consuming.

There can be dozens of races on ballots. Maricopa County has more than 50 jurors on the ballot, in addition to state and local races and 10 ballot measures.

“We’re going to go back to small districts where it’s easier to find and fix problems, and it’ll be easier to count votes, too,” Lake told Carlson on Wednesday. “These are some of the things I’d like to see happen.”

Lake claimed in the months leading up to Election Day that she would only accept the results of a “free and fair election,” but has consistently refused to answer directly the question of whether she would concede if Hobbs emerged as the winner.

Outside of Maricopa County, about 200,000 ballots had yet to be counted, the majority in Pima County, which includes Tucson.

Along with the local races, Arizona’s controversial Senate race remains too close to mention, with polls indicating incumbent Mark Kelly currently holds a 5 percent lead over Republican Blake Masters.