Fugitive yoga teacher who ‘gunned down love rival’ loses bid to suppress video interview with cops

A fugitive yoga teacher who allegedly shot a love rival lost her attempt to suppress video evidence of a police interrogation, where she nodded in agreement with them.

Travis County Judge Brenda Kennedy disclosed about Kaitlin Armstrong, 34, and her defense team was unable to convince the court that detectives illegally took her for an interview after Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson, 25, was found dead in her home .

Armstrong’s team argued that Richard Spitler, who wrote the arrest warrant, was biased and contained information that was inaccurate, claiming he used information from anonymous callers and disagreed with Austin police, Armstrong’s team said. Valley Central.

Her attorney Rick Cofer filed documents on Aug. 17 alleging that police failed to read his client’s Miranda rights before questioning, DailyMail.com exclusively revealed.

In addition, expert witness Douglas Deaton argued that the warrant was “completely unnecessary” and not… accurately written and was a borderline character assassination [of Armstrong],’ who fled to Costa Rica after Wilson’s death.

Despite some inaccurate information, the judge ruled that there was still a likely reason to arrest Armstrong.

“There was no evidence of any willful disregard for the truth,” Kennedy said.

Kaitlin Armstrong, 34, has been accused of murdering her love rival Anna Moriah 'Mo' Wilson, 25, in May and fleeing to Costa Rica

Kaitlin Armstrong, 34, has been accused of murdering her love rival Anna Moriah ‘Mo’ Wilson, 25, in May and fleeing to Costa Rica

A judge in Travis County has refused to suppress the video of her police interrogation as part of evidence against her

Travis County Judge Brenda Kennedy said Armstrong and her defense team were unable to convince the court that detectives had illegally taken her for an interview. They accused the police of illegally interviewing her for not reading her Miranda rights

Armstrong is accused of shooting her love rival on May 11 in Austin, Texas. Wilson was found dead in a friend’s apartment with two bullet holes in her head and another in her chest.

Armstrong reportedly became jealous when she found out that pro cyclist Wilson was seeing her boyfriend, Colin Strickland, 35.

Her team claimed in August that some evidence had been obtained with an “illegal arrest warrant” and accused detectives of basing the arrest affidavit on “lies and a reckless disregard for the truth.”

She was arrested the day after the murder on a separate felony charge and was wrongfully released by officers who believed the warrant was invalid.

Armstrong did not read her Miranda rights at any point during the interview, and her lawyers are now claiming any evidence from them is inadmissible.

She has been charged with first degree murder, and US Marshals have also received a warrant for her arrest on charges of illegal flight to avoid prosecution.

She fled Texas in May and traveled to Costa Rica from Newark Airport, in New Jersey, before being arrested at a hostel on Santa Teresa Beach.

Armstrong spent 43 days on the run before authorities tracked her down, and was extradited to the US to face charges.

A federal judge has dismissed Armstrong’s charges of illegal flight, but she could face charges again in the future if prosecutors see fit.

Her team also alleges that a witness officers relied on was under the influence of drugs and alcohol, who also admitted to “imagining” seeing a bicyclist flee.

He also claims that the timestamps on footage allegedly showing Armstrong’s black Jeep Grand Cherokee driving past Wilson’s friends’ house were wrong.

The documents also show that the trio had attended a cycling event together months before the shooting, with Wilson later texting Strickland to say it was a “strange” weekend for her.

Wilson (pictured) was found dead in a friend’s apartment on May 11 with two bullet holes in her head and another in her chest

Strickland (pictured) repeatedly told police during his second interview that Armstrong was not a jealous person, describing her as the “least volatile” woman he’d dated.

Strickland apologized for putting Wilson in a “s**tty” situation and said it was “not a good idea” to take Armstrong.

During his interview, he also admitted to dating Wilson in October, during which time he claimed he and Armstrong were on a break but were still living together.

Wilson is said to have told Strickland that Armstrong had called her at some point during that period and said she “practically lived with Colin.”

When officers asked him if Armstrong was jealous of their relationship, Strickland said, “She’s one of the least volatile women I’ve dated in terms of emotion around the world — surge of, like, anger and jealousy and emotion.”

He also claimed that Kaitlin was dating men on Bumble during their hiatus, and that they slept in separate rooms.

Strickland said, “If there were any damn signs I would have freed myself from a relationship and been given a lot of space and a restraining order or something.

“If I thought she was physically capable of hurting another human being, I would have extricated myself from that situation immediately, not just for my own — not so much for my own personal safety, but my concern for another human being.” .’

The yoga teacher paid for a nose job and dyed her hair brown after she fled the US, using her sister’s passport to fly out of the US

She was caught in Costa Rica with two passports, including her sister’s

Armstrong fled from police for 43 days before being arrested in Costa Rica

Search warrants revealed that prior to the murder, Armstrong attended a shooting range with her sister and was awarded $450,000 from Strickland.

He also admitted to buying two firearms for himself and Armstrong between late 2021 and early 2022.

Bullet casings from the pistol, labeled “9mm JAG,” were found in the room where Wilson was shot moments after he returned from an outing with Strickland.

Her lawyers also claim that an anonymous tip the police received was “unconfirmed, untrustworthy and full of lies.”

The caller, who declined to name, claimed they were with Armstrong in January 2022 when she discovered Strickland was cheating on her.

She reportedly became enraged, “trembled with rage” and said she wanted to “kill Wilson.”

Authorities have revealed that the yoga teacher paid for a nose job and dyed her hair brown after she fled the US, using her sister’s passport to fly out of the US.

Armstrong also used several aliases while on the run, using the name “Ari” to seduce a man she met at a tattoo parlor while on the run.

She told Teal Akerson that she had experienced a “traumatizing breakup” after meeting in Costa Rica in June.

He said Armstrong had a bandage on her nose, which she claimed was from a surfing accident, and that he did not recognize the photos the police had distributed.

Armstrong admitted that she had gone as “Ari” after her arrest and was deported to Houston.

Other Costa Rican residents said Armstrong “seemed normal” and spent most of her time working part-time at the front desk of the hostel where she was staying and teaching yoga.

Her car was reportedly seen driving near Wilson prior to the attack

The car was spotted again that night after Strickland dropped off Wilson

She reportedly stayed at Don Jon’s Surf and Yoga Lodge for less than $20 a night, and partied at a barbecue restaurant founded by a former New York attorney.

Police found two passports in her hostel’s lockbox when they arrested her for an immigration violation.

Armstrong had previously been charged with theft for skipping a $650 bill for a 2018 Botox procedure, an affidavit revealed.

The affidavit says Armstrong was going to pay with her Mastercard, but then told the spa she wanted to use another card and went to get it from her vehicle.

She never returned to the spa to pay and was charged with theft.

The cyclist is expected to start her test in the week of June 26, 2023.