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From thick fake lashes and 12 layers of fake tan to a much-improved look.


I used to wear thick lashes and 12 layers of fake tan—but my new natural look is so much better

A beauty fan who posts product tips and comments on TikTok has revealed that she has scaled back her look and is much happier with her natural glow.

Scotland-based Erica Roberts, who often reviews foundations and other beauty products for her followers, has been posting videos on her channel then and now.

In the video, she posted an old photo of herself wearing a string of pearls with what appears to be Vivienne Westwood’s planet necklace.

Her hair is brown, with caramel highlights and blow-dried in a straight style, and she appears to have extensions on her eyelashes.

In the next photo, she has darker hair, less makeup, and her skin is a shade lighter as she hints at the fact that she no longer wears a fake tan.

Erica Roberts now

Before and after: Erica Roberts posted two photos of herself on TikTok — an old photo and a newer photo — and revealed that she prefers her new, more natural look.

“Me after realizing highlights, thick false eyelashes and 12 layers of fake tan just aren’t for me,” she wrote in the caption of the old photo.

Though the brunette beauty changed her look to a more natural glow, Erica admitted in her video: “I miss a full glossy look every now and then.”

Commenting on her video, one person said, “I love this trend—natural looks better every time.”

However, one person said that they thought the transformation wasn’t real and that the old photo was simply taken with a filter.

In response to this accusation, Erica said: “No candidate is not bitter.”

In other videos, Erica reveals how she prepares for a typical day and recently posted a GRWM (Get Ready With Me) clip of herself getting ready to hit the gym.

In the clip, she applies foundation and contouring bronzer, as well as lipstick and mascara, and jokes: “I train best when I’m pretty.”

She also recently posted a clip of herself meticulously preparing her face and applying mascara, where she revealed that she uses an eyelash separator, eyelash curler, and then mascara.

“I’m a perfectionist with these lashes,” Erica joked.


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