From the archives, 1982: Champion hails Cawley’s return

Devastating: Martina Navratilova. Credit:Antonin Cermack

“It is more difficult these days than five or ten years ago because there are many players capable of beating you.

“The competition is much tougher, but a champion is a champion regardless of the era.”

Cawley dropped her guard a bit to reveal one of the spurs that have made her so determined in her comeback.

“Every year I’ve been back I’ve been injured and some people write you off completely,” he said. “I had to show some people that I can do it if I’m fit and have the opportunity to fight.

“But some don’t give you that chance and when you’re trying to get back into shape, before you know it they’re saying, ‘He got tired. She can’t do this, she can’t do that.”

“I have to admit it’s frustrating to be an Australian when people don’t give you a fighting chance.

“I have shown myself what I am capable of. It’s just a matter of playing a lot of games continuously and getting stronger.”

The final looked set to end in record time as Navratilova, in devastating humor, broke Cawley’s serve three times to win the first set 6-0 in 18 minutes.

“She just went crazy in the first set and didn’t miss a thing,” Cawley said.

He Proved A Point: Evonne Cawley.

He proved a point: Evonne Cawley.Credit:Antonin Cermack

The crowd, as usual, was right behind their champion as she tried to recapture a bit of the past in her first final in four years.

He played excellent tennis in the second set, serving with more precision, hitting his groundstrokes with much more authority and landing some good volleys.

She broke Navratilova’s serve in the fourth game and the support from the crowd grew more intense as they practically wanted her to hold on to take the set.

She did, to become the first player in 15 matches to win a set from the Wimbledon champion.

But the glory was short-lived. Navratilova switched gears and swept through the final set, taking Cawley’s serve in the second and fourth games after surviving a break point on her own serve in the first game.

When asked what happened to her in the second set, Navratilova laughed, saying: “I went for a walk.”


The doubles final was a magnificent clash with Navratilova and Pam Shriver beating Eva Pfaff and Claudia Kohde 6-2 2-6 7-6.

The West German pair had two breaks in the final set.

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