From Slingo to Streaming: How Game Shows Are Still Going Strong

Some incredible forms of entertainment have emerged through the decades, but there is still nothing quite like a game show. Such series come in many different forms, with some testing your general knowledge and others offering up challenges of physical dexterity. However, they all usually have one thing in common – big prizes.

So much might have changed down the years, but trends in online bingo and streaming suggest that our love of game shows is still very much alive and kicking.

Big Impact

The fact that game shows remain much-loved is pretty remarkable when you consider just how long they have been around. According to Guinness World Records, the first-ever TV game show was broadcast by the BBC in 1938. Spelling Bee was based on a radio format and, unsurprisingly, called on players to spell different words.

Many concepts have subsequently been used for game shows, while some have even had an impact away from the small screen. For example, this site features slingo games among its selection of bingo slots and these titles are based on many themes. A notable one is Deal or No Deal Slingo, which understandably takes its cues from the popular game show franchise.

The game includes blue and red boxes like the show, while players can also trigger an offer from the banker. When this happens, they can either take the deal or keep playing to try and secure a bigger one later. The similarity of the slingo game to the original game show format really demonstrates the enduring popularity of Deal or No Deal.

Major Announcements

Considering just how prominent game shows have become across pop culture, it is probably not a huge surprise that there have been some notable announcements related to them in recent weeks.

Earlier this month, LadBible revealed that Netflix is looking for contestants to take part in a show for its YouTube channel. The streaming platform was specifically thought to be seeking people with a deep knowledge of some of its biggest shows, including The Witcher, Black Mirror, and Stranger Things. It is anticipated that contestants would then face off to see who knows the most, with filming apparently set to take place in London.

We have already touched upon game shows becoming games, but another announcement relates to the opposite occurring – a game becoming a game show. Polygon recently revealed that a show based around the arcade classic Frogger is coming to the streaming service, Peacock. It outlines how the show sees contestants become the frog, as they have to leap across a range of set pieces. Viewers can expect the show to air in September.

A Source of Fascination

Different trends may come and go in the entertainment world, but game shows continue to be a real source of fascination. It is interesting to see how they have been adapted into different formats like Slingo games, while new concepts keep emerging on the small screen too.

With fresh game shows seemingly on the horizon, it seems like this classic TV format is in rude health and looks likely to endure for many years to come.