Home Tech From procrastination to manually mowing your lawn: 22 things you should stop doing this summer

From procrastination to manually mowing your lawn: 22 things you should stop doing this summer

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From procrastination to manually mowing your lawn: 22 things you should stop doing this summer

You could say that mind-numbing tasks are a nice distraction in the winter, but in the summer it’s all about making more time to do less. Here are some yawn-worthy tasks you can cut out of your life so you can have the summer you really want.

1 Attending formal meetings
Transform boring sit-downs by keeping moving with a walking meeting – enjoy the air, the sights, the exercise gains! Works online with headphones or IRL with a colleague.

2 Struggling with your lawn mower
why would you mowing, while a Honda Miimo robotic lawnmower can also do that? Miimo, the robot lawn mower champion, is happy to take over, so set it up and then head out to the patio to watch (or not – the new range has Bluetooth connectivity as standard and also the option for 3G/4G). And if you want to keep things very simple, the HRM 1000 – with its simple display – is your friend.

3 Endless procrastination
Do the thing! Don’t just talk about your dreams, make them come true. Start painting, write the book, train for that 5k run. Little by little is better than none at all, so think of the smallest first step you can take and take it.

4 Taking the same old route
Navigation is a godsend, but also as adventurous as a regular baked potato. Instead, mix it up and go your own way; it will make the trip more interesting and it might help keep your brain activeat.

5 Constantly updating your socials
Less is more. Constructing a plausible, yet ambitious reality for anonymous spectators is time-consuming. Stick to a few posts per week – that way your audience will be happier to see you.

6 Pruning
Choose slow-growing evergreens, such as azaleas or dwarf rhododendrons, and move away from the pruning shears. For structure, slow-growing dwarf conifers offer a wide range of colors and diverse shapes with minimal effort. They all do well in glazed, frost-free containers if you want your plants on your patio.

7 In search of perfection in the garden
Not every corner of your garden needs to be cared for and pristine. Renovate an area and let nature take its course. The bumblebees will thank you and the random, jumbled beauty of it all will be quite a contrast. Tip: with the Honda Miimo you can leave longer meadow sections for greater biodiversity.

8 Stress when buying gifts
If you see something you like, buy it and keep it until you know who it is for. A go-to gift closet will keep you from wasting an afternoon searching for last-minute panic purchases.

9 Wondering what to wear
Make sure you have a few hangers of familiar outfits ready to use at any time. For some reason, picking out clothes the night before takes half as long – perhaps because you’re more awake – and means the confused morning version of you has one less fire to fight.

10 Waiting for deliveries
You never hear the doorbell anyway. If you are able, click and collect is the solution. It gets you out of the house, or gives you a nice distraction on the way home, where you also had a lot more fun.

A rewilded area is great for wildlife, while busy flower beds keep weeds out. Photo: L Feddes/Getty Images

11 Countdown to vacation
Free time involves more than just your bumper vacation. There’s joy in taking a day off here and there, doing something local, peaceful and fun – maybe even a little hands-off gardening, watching your Miimo gobble up grass while you relax.

12 Weeding
Weeds can’t thrive in the absence of light, so keep your flower beds crowded so that intruders can’t see into them. Cotoneaster dammeri (also called bearberry cotoneaster) is evergreen, produces attractive berries and is ideal as a ground cover along with evergreens. pachysandras, also called green carpet.

13 Cleaning forever
Set yourself a time limit and be realistic about what you can do. To make it more fun and combat boredom, brighten up the room into zones, turn on a playlist, or set yourself challenges while you do this. How many color-themed items can you store? It functions!

14 Feeling guilty about being indoors on a summer day
It’s fine, you don’t have to bake gently in the sun all day. Give yourself permission to binge on a box set or read on the couch (while Miimo does the hard work for you and keeps your lawn in top shape).

15 Watching reality TV
They fight, they make up, they fight again, it takes longer to make up, and repeat – until you realize you’ve been standing still for eight hours. There is no plot, so don’t lose your own plot.

16 Floating over installations that require a lot of maintenance
Are you open to feeling the dirt under your fingernails, but don’t want to be tied to attention-seeking flora? Cherry tomatoes, asparagus, beans, onions and peppers pretty much do their own thing once they’re planted, you just have to show up with the water and an encouraging smile.

Try trading phone calls for emails that you can read at your leisure. Photo: Giselleflissak/Getty Images

17 Continue a work conversation
This is almost never a “quick phone call”. Instead, ask for or offer one exactly by email. Anyone can read at ease, be more focused and not feel pressured to find immediate solutions. And if it has to be a phone call, make sure it has an agenda – and therefore an end in sight.

18 Waiting for your phone to charge
A battery pack does not take up much space, so you are always connected and can follow the group chat while you are in the garden.

19 Ordering the same thing in a restaurant
Favorites are favorites for a reason, but how did they become your most beloved foods? Because you took a chance and tried them the first time, right? Open your mind and enrich your taste buds.

20 Endless to-do lists
Start with a small, achievable project to feel the rush of completion.

21 Cleaning garden furniture
Invest in a good quality hardwood garden furniture set that can withstand the elements and does not require any treatment, such as iroko, teak or sapele mahogany.

22 Saying yes to things you don’t want to do
Stop doing things you don’t want to do (you can start letting a robotic lawn mower like the Honda Miimo mow your lawn instead of doing the hard work yourself), and you can literally spend hours of extra time tending to your garden. hands to do the things you do Actually to enjoy. After all, those long summer evenings are meant to be adored, not ignored.

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