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Friendly Fire Strikes Bethesda Account For Redfall Copyright Infringement!


Bethesda is currently trying to catch up on any leaks related to Redfall just hours before the global launch, and it has come to the point that it itself has been subjected to copyright infringement in the form of “friendly fire”.

GamePitt shared screenshots of the evidence that showed the Redfall Twitter account with the banner image removed. Not only has it been removed, which has been happening for no reason to a lot of people lately, but it’s been replaced by a gray rectangle with a message saying “Image removed in response to a report from the copyright owner.”

This means that Bethesda has struck itself with copyright, making it vulnerable to removing the banner image from the game’s account at Twitteras seen below.

It is clear that this error is not intended by Twitter itself, as the site has recently shown many unexpected behaviors, so that when you apply for copyright, its search engine is not filtered, and this is what led to Bethesda harming itself.

It is unknown if Twitter will fix this unintentional bug, or if Bethesda itself will recognize it. Currently, Redfall is available for pre-order, as we talked about here, to be released tomorrow, exclusively for Xbox Series and PC.

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