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Friday evening news briefing: ‘Unidentified floating objects’ behind strike on warship, says Kyiv


Putin critic Alexei Navalny sentenced to another 19 years in prison

A Russian court convicted jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny on charges of extremism and sentenced him to 19 years in prison.

Navalny is already serving a nine-year term on a variety of charges that he said were politically motivated. The new charges against the politician relate to the activities of Navalny’s anti-corruption foundation and statements by his main associates.

Meanwhile, natalia vasilyeva reports that Russia has doubled its defense budget by 2023, and its military spending now accounts for a third of all government spending amid the war in Ukraine.

Thérèse Coffey orders Defra to stop engaging with Greenpeace

The Secretary for the Environment has ceased all involvement of her department with Greenpeace after activists staged a stunt at Rishi Sunak’s house. Thérèse Coffey told officials from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to cancel any planned meetings with the charity and cease future engagements.

Protesters stormed Mr Sunak’s Grade II-listed manor house on Thursday and covered the property with oil-black cloth while the prime minister and his family were on holiday.

Brendan O’Neill writes that the hack has shown the true colors of Greenpeace.

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jeremy vine | The BBC is right to be discriminatory towards older presenters, Jeremy Vine has said. The 58-year-old said BBC veterans “have to accept” being replaced by new talent and cannot claim it is unfair because “they have done it for so long”.

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World news: Andrew Tate released from house arrest by Bucharest court

Andrew Tate has been released from house arrest where he is awaiting trial on human trafficking charges, a Bucharest court ruled on Friday. The internet personality, who denies the charges, is now under judicial control, a lighter restrictive measure.

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I came out of retirement to become a Tesco delivery man, and I loved it.

After retiring at 54, I had big plans to play a lot of golf, but I soon got bored, so this was the perfect solution.

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Business news: Retired civil servants in line for a 7% income increase next year, double that of workers

Retired civil servants are in line for an income increase of nearly 7 percent next year as inflation and worker wages are forecast to fall. The inflation rate is expected to drop from 7.9% to just 6.9% in September, the Bank of England estimated, with this figure being the measure used to set increases in public sector pensions and the state pension.

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