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“Freedom and Change” in Sudan: parties working to drive a wedge between us and the army


While the Sudanese are awaiting a solution soon in the coming days, the representative of the signatories to the framework agreement in Sudan, Khaled Omar Youssef, warned that there are many parties working to drive a wedge between civilians and the military.

And he warned, during the session of the security and military reform workshop organized by the signatories to the framework agreement in cooperation with the tripartite mechanism, today, Sunday, against “imposing a classification that divides the country into two camps that do not meet, which is a misleading and false classification,” as he put it.

Professional modern army

He also stressed that attempts to consolidate this classification are continuing with the aim of “dividing and weakening the national ranks and weakening the country in general.”

In addition, he stressed that “the project that brings together the political forces today, its goal is a modern, strong, professional, national, unified army for the country.”

It is noteworthy that this workshop is considered the last among the necessary workshops decided by the framework agreement signed last December, between the civil and military components, in order to conduct in-depth discussions on five issues, including security and military reform.

It is expected that the recommendations of this workshop, which will last until next Wednesday, will be included in the final agreement paper before it is signed on the first of next April.

The security and military reform process is based on several principles approved by a meeting of the signatories to the framework agreement in the presence of the facilitators on the fifteenth of this month. The most important of these principles is the withdrawal of the army and other regular forces from political life and economic and investment work, in addition to the purification of the military institution from the elements of the ousted Al-Bashir regime and the integration of forces Rapid support and armed movements in the army according to timetables to be agreed upon.

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