Free video downloading apps on the Android platform

All of us would love to download YouTube videos directly on to our smartphone, but you have to possess the right application in order to download these videos. In having a full host of YouTube videos clips on-demand helps you to save data and you can enjoy them without the need of an internet connection. Let us now explore some of the popular video downloading apps on your Android platform.

YouTube downloader

This is considered to be one of the best android platforms for downloading video clips from the internet. You can download the clip in any format of your choice. What it means is that you can watch them in movie styles, the audio can be downloaded in MP3 format. You can proceed on to any YouTube link and then click on the download button. In this app there is an in built store manager where multiple videos can be saved or pause the videos when you are away from a stable internet connection. In a way this is a great app where simple access to all videos on your phone is provided. Even the best clips on YouTube can be downloaded. You can even save your favourite music with the help of MP3 function.


On the Android platform this is one of the easiest downloading apps. Not only it is possible to download videos, but you can go on to share them across networks. This works great for someone who has a curated YouTube channel. Just you have to repost the videos in order to save them and locate the clip that you want from YouTube. Your finger has to be held over the video so as to activate the download feature. The videos that you are planning to download are listed in a file manager on one side of the screen. A notable drawback of this app is that when you pause and again start downloading it does not work that great. The producers have gone on to fix the connection issues and make it a point that the data you are trying to save is not lost. This provides a great opportunity to post videos and save them quickly online. All this more so if you are downloading the videos in a single sitting


You might be tired of the poor internet connection that might pose buffering issues. No matter what people have to claim lack of internet speed might pose steaming issues. You might become so frustrated with the quality of buffering that you would be forced to leave the video mid-stream. At this juncture the app of Vidmate can seem to be of considerable help. In the market there are plenty of video sites as you can download videos from them in an easy manner. Mostly servers have their own limitations, as sometimes they might perform well and in other cases it might not be up to the mark. This does pose to be a major issue if the internet connection is an issue.