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Free Standing Kitchen Island: Design Ideas

Sometimes, we already have enough space, but we lack ideas to make it look classy while being efficient with space. And after purchasing a dream paradise, the first thing that comes to our mind is — how can you style every corner of the kitchen and make it aesthetically pleasing? Although unnecessary spacing is not easy to cover, a few tips and tricks can make a real difference, especially when it comes to the kitchen.

And whether it’s a large sized kitchen or small, there are various modern design ideas that can instantly enhance the cooking space and make it more efficient. Free standing islands are gaining popularity nowadays because they offer extreme functionality. One can have islands with cabinets to add some additional storage space.

To explore more kitchen design ideas, read this guide from the quartz countertop experts at Caesarstone.

What is a freestanding kitchen island?

But before moving forward, let’s get some insight into the freestanding kitchen islands. A free standing kitchen island is a stand-alone counter, mostly placed in the centre of the kitchen.

An island is not used as additional space, but it can be equipped with various other features and used in multiple ways. However, the majorly freestanding island makes a statement and serves as a gathering place for house parties. So now, let’s shed some light on ways to indulge freestanding islands and make them efficient for day-to-day chores.

Ways to indulge free standing kitchen island countertops

There are various ways to enhance the kitchen (be it antique cabinets, a variety of countertops or freestanding islands), that can instantly revamp the old-looking kitchen and make the kitchen space-efficient. Moreover, sometimes we already have such antique pieces with us, but we lack ideas to style them.

Usually, a freestanding island can be prefabricated and custom-built. And it can have features like — a wine fridge, storage shelves, and a sink, plus it can be used for dining with bar chairs. However, always remember free standing kitchen islands have higher rates, so it’s always vital to consider a few things before investing money. However, below we have shared a few ways to indulge in freestanding islands efficiently.

●    Opt for fluid shapes

Those who are fond of a freestanding island but do not want to compromise on much space, can opt for fluid shapes.

It will look unique, but it’s designed to aid a smooth passage for an open-plan house and provide enough space for the movement. Otherwise, it has a worktop overhang on one end that provides breakfast bar dining.

Moreover, the material used in the freestanding island is pure wood with a durable oil finish. And it is formed with vertical planks, which are cost-effective and stand out from the wooden flooring below.

●      Include waterfall edge

By adding free standing kitchen islands it can be used in multiple ways. As it elevates any island unit, it also increases the countertop length seamlessly from horizontal to vertical. To enhance the kitchen, deeply veined engineered quartz countertops are the best choice. It enhances the space and complements the flooring of the kitchen.

●      Show-off freestanding island with statement lightning

Another best way to enhance the kitchen and lighting is – using a spotlight or statement hanging lights right on the top of a free standing kitchen island. Put a freestanding statement island beneath the spotlight and add suitable lights to the hanging shells. This will illuminate the kitchen and make it look more stylish and bigger than earlier.

To add more drama, go for iconic pieces of lights such as – “revered design heritage” it will outlast modern fittings and serve standard pendant lineups, which will give a beautiful and symmetrical outlook to the kitchen. These ideas will perfectly fit with a breakfast bar, where the countertop can be used in various ways.

●      Get a floating free standing kitchen counter island

To add a little twist and make it stand out amongst all, go for a floating island in the kitchen. And the best way to achieve a floating effect is — to use a steel box frame structure to hold a counter on top of it. These steel boxes are concealed between the counter and cabinets. This way, one can have additional space to use as a breakfast bar, chopping area, etc. It will make the kitchen look impressive and space-efficient.

Dos and don’ts of freestanding kitchen island

So far, one thing has been cleared: free-standing kitchen islands are used as extra space, but they can also enhance the overall outlook of the kitchen and make day-to-day chores quite easy. However, we have shared a few dos and don’ts to consider while including an island below.

–         Decide the purpose of the island

This is the main thing one must take care of before designing their island. Accordingly, the size of island’s and shape will be decided. A standard kitchen island can function in five ways – prep station, washing up, storage, washing, serving and cooking. So, it’s necessary to decide what roles the kitchen island will play so that the dimensions of the island can be finalized.

–         Avoid making the island too big

An oversized island will make the kitchen look congested and allow less space to walk and do daily chores.

But if it has enough space, more stations like the sink, breakfast bar and a stove can be installed in the kitchen. Moreover, most people love to incorporate seating arrangements in the kitchen, which is not always a great idea to fit with a cooktop. So, to install a stove top on the island, do not forget to install a cooker hood to prevent food smell.


Although it all depends upon the person’s personal tastes and preferences, it’s important to make a freestanding kitchen island as efficient as possible. This is particularly true if you have a modestly sized kitchen in your home.

However, before investing money in the freestanding kitchen islands, we recommend considering the guide given above for a detailed overview and making informed decisions. Doing this gives homeowners a better idea of how they want to approach their upcoming kitchen remodelling project.

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