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“Free Spuds from Mr Potato at Sydney’s Newton Store on Saturday”


Young woman behind a multi-million dollar potato company advertising potato donation: ‘Lunch is on me’

  • Mr. Potato distributes potatoes for free
  • Celebrating the first opening in New South Wales

Mr. Potato is giving away free loaded potatoes on Saturdays to celebrate the opening of their new store.

The shop is known for creating a modern twist on the traditional baked potato as foodies have the ability to make their own loaded potatoes as they like or choose from a ‘pre-loaded’ menu.

Ironically, Mr. Potato was started by international model and high school dropout Jess Davis, 32, who spent fifteen years refusing to eat any carbohydrates for fear of ruining her enviable figure.

She started it with her boyfriend of a few weeks, Tyson, in 2018, despite having no hospitality experience.

Mr. Potato opens a new branch and lucky customers can get their famous loaded meal for free

To celebrate its launch in Sydney, the shop is giving away free potatoes at the Newtown store on Saturdays.

The Inner West branch is the first opening in New South Wales from the South Australian brand.

Hungry customers who come to the store between 12 noon and 3 pm will receive spots for free.

It will be the restaurant’s tenth opening in four years.

Popular South Australian fast-food chain Mr. Potato opens its doors in Sydney on Saturday, with co-founders Jess and Tyson pictured.

Popular South Australian fast-food chain Mr. Potato opens its doors in Sydney on Saturday, with co-founders Jess and Tyson pictured.

Jess previously told Fimmel that she hopes to see 3,000 stores around the world and be able to “enter the Mr. Potato franchise in every country” before she retires.

She said she’s proud of being able to offer vegan options and ensuring that everything in the store is gluten-free.

Jess, who lives in Adelaide, was 15 when she left school, but her lack of a formal education didn’t stand in the way of her success.

she said to her FEMAIL Mr. Potato Stores run through one-and-a-half tons of potatoes every week, and they’ve been in vogue since opening day.

“That first day we thought we were going to serve five customers, we served 100 and ran out of everything,” she said.

We were a baked potato shop without potatoes. And when we told customers we were out, they sat in the store for an hour to wait for more.

Jess and Tyson had no experience in the hospitality industry which made planning, outfitting and running their own business difficult.

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