Free SEO Tools To Improve Your Engine Search Rankings

SEO is basically a way to improve your website’s visibility. By making specific changes to your website you can organically increase traffic and please the Google Gods, so your site is listed when people search using certain keywords.

There are some free tips to help boost your rankings without taking help from a webmaster.

  • Google Trends:

This is a go-to-keyword tool. You can see how search queries change over time when people search for your keyword and compare different words or phrases to see which is best.

Like when people are searching for some commodity we have to see which keyword they would prefer to use in their search. So we have to use the search terms which fetch us the most traffic. Lets suppose you are running a hard-ware store and want to boost the sale of shovels. For this you have to see that when people search for shovels online which term do they prefer to use and for this you can take help from Google Trends News.


This tool shows you how the search engine sees your site. It strips your site to the base level only showing you the relevant SEO information. By looking at your site in this way you can pick out the area of improvement.

  • Screaming Frog:

This tool ’Screaming Frog’ is free for the first 500 URL’s, it crawls your site looking for SEO roadblocks and provides a report of the problem areas. This tool will look for the broken links, missing metadata, oversized files and pictures etc and remove them to improve your site. Get Cheap seo tools

  • GTmetrix:

Another important factor is the downloading speed of your website. Site speed does play a role in search engine rankings, so its important to check the speed of your site with GTmetrix. You just have to enter the URL into the site and you will get a page speed score and a list of ways to improve it.

  • Rank-Checker:

Rank Checker will tell you where your website lands in search engine results. This tool will tell you where your site shows up and gives you tips on how to improve it. It will take time to move your website up the ranks but with this tool you can keep an eye on where you stand. Seo tools company

You can install a button on your toolbar so you have easy access to this information.

  • Responsive Design Test:

Search engines give preferential treatment to websites that look great on all devices no matter what their size. You have to use a responsive website design in order to make sure it gives an appealing look on every device. There is no need to create multiple sites as this design adapts to every device. We can put our website into the Responsive Design Test in order to find out whether we have a responsive design or not.