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Free game à la Geoguessr: How well do you know the open worlds of Skyrim, Red Dead and Co?


Can you find your way in the worlds of Skyrim, Breath of the Wild and Red Dead? Yes, then prove it!

How well do you know the wide worlds of Skyrim, the hills and mountains of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or the prairies and deserts of Red Dead Redemption 2? If you’ve always wanted to put your orientation skills to the test in your favorite virtual worlds, you now have one Gaming Geoguessr lostgamer the chance to.

What is Geoguessing? This is a game where you are virtually suspended anywhere in the world. Composite photo views such as those from Google Street View are used for this purpose.

Your task is then to take a good look around and, using clues that offer you terrain, people, plants, houses or signs, locate the location as precisely as possible on a meter to mark the map. With the real world you can do it for Try example here.

How works lostgamer?

The ones for you free to use Website Lostgamer takes the real Version as a model and copied the principle in gaming worlds. You pick a game, pick the map you want (some games have multiple), and you’re almost there.

Finally, you can set some values ​​such as the time limit or the number of laps. In addition, the lobby gives you the opportunity to set the following factors:

  • May I zoom into the picture?
  • can i move
  • Can I pan the camera?

Different combinations of settings each feed their own leaderboards.

Multiplayer: On top of that, you can use your play with friends. For the future is even matchmaking planned as announced on the website.

In the following video you can Etienne from the Rocket Beans looking over his shoulder like him lostgamer tried out:

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Diversity: Bored with the world of Bethesda’s RPG epic or Hyrule? No problem, because the online game comes with more cards: For example Elden Ring, World of Warcraft, Fortnite or GTA 5.

With the current selection of guessable worlds, it seems browser game however far from being the end. For example, work is currently being done behind the scenes to implement maps from Apex Legends.

How do you like the idea of ​​the gaming GeoGuessrs? Have you already tried it? And which game worlds would you like to be able to explore and guess together with your friends in the browser? Tell us about your travel wishes in the comments!

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