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Free at Epic: For whom is the new free game worth it?


With the new game gift you have to prove your brains.

Another week is almost over and the Epic Games Store sends us into the weekend with a little gift. This time there’s a game that lets you build huge automated factories that will impress even Factorio fans. We briefly introduce the title!


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In Shapez you have to use different machines to create specific shapes by cutting, rotating, coloring and assembling the original parts. What sounds simple and starts out quite simple, however, becomes more and more complex and difficult over time. You combine conveyor belts and machines into entire factories that keep growing and become a gigantic complex, as you can see in the trailer above.

Suitable for whom? If no game is too complex for you, you like to build automated factories like in Factorio or Satisfactory and you can keep track of the largest production chains, then you should give Shapez a chance. The game is extremely popular on Steam, with 97 percent of over 6,000 reviews being positive.

Shapez not for you? Then maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for in Blizzard’s Easter Sale instead, we’ll show you some worthwhile offers in the article linked above. You can also get 15 top games particularly cheaply on Steam if you are still looking for something to do for the Easter weekend.

What do you think of the free play on the Epic Games Store? Have you already played Factorio or similar titles and want to give Shapez a chance? Or are you too scared off by the gameplay and simple graphics? Have you played the mold factory game yourself and can you recommend it or advise against it? Feel free to write it in the comments!

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