Fraudsters hack thousands of Westpac bank accounts to scam Australians

Urgent warning, because dozens of THOUSANDS of bank customers have their personal data hacked by fraudsters


Fraudsters have hacked the bank details of thousands of people and use them to scam millions of dollars.

Westpac urgently warned customers that they could become the target of phishing via telephone or text.

& # 39; We have increased the control of your account and ask that you are looking for suspicious activity & # 39 ;, was in an email to customers.


& # 39; We also ask you to be vigilant about messages that you receive by text or phone calls from an unknown source. & # 39;

The bank said that customers from other banks were also affected and had notified all its customers of the security breach.

& # 39; We urge all customers to be wary of texting phishing attempts – for example, a personalized message that looks like a legitimate message from Westpac or another bank, trying to get bank details and password obtain, & # 39; it said.

National Australia Bank also seemed to have been targeted because customers, even those from other banks, reported receiving texts that claimed to be from NAB.

The texts asked the customer to hand over bank details, which would then be used to withdraw their cash.


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