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‘FranSeth’ on living without social media: We can manage


Francine Diaz (left) and Seth Fedelin at the media launch of “Fractured” —DREAMSCAPEPH

For Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin, managing various social media accounts is a requirement for celebrities like them, but it’s also something they can definitely do without.

“If the world reset right now and was devoid of social media, I’m pretty sure it would still be livable, that I could still manage. I actually didn’t have my own cell phone until I was in 9th grade,” Seth told Inquirer Entertainment during a press meet to launch their latest iWantTFC series, “Fractured.”

Explaining the situation further, Francine added: “Social media is important to us in relation to our work. We are required to regularly offer content, particularly for our recommendations. But personally, I can survive without it.

“See, there are other things more enjoyable to do than scrolling on your phone. Since it’s something that we’re so used to, we’re kind of forced by the situation to be active online,” Francine explained, adding that they filmed the series on an island that didn’t have any Internet signal, so they didn’t have access to their social networks. accounts.

In “Fractured,” Francine and Seth lead seven others who will fight to survive on a remote island. It is a mystery thriller series that also stars Kaori Oinuma, Jeremiah Lisbo, Daniela Stranner, Raven Rigor and Sean Tristan.

John Bedia, who co-wrote the screenplay with Lawrence Nicodemus, admitted that the original concept for “Fractured” was not about being stranded on an island, but on a plane. “After some thought, it finally evolved. Additionally, social media is now the main part of the story. We always try to show perfection when we’re on social media, but after watching ‘Fractured,’ you’ll see the imperfections beneath its so-called perfect facade,” he pointed out.

Lawrence added that the concept of the series was “very current.” He explained: “Everyone can relate to each of the characters. Influencers or not, we are all dependent on social networks. Here we will see the effects – good or bad, it doesn’t matter – of social media in our lives.

As for why the series was titled that, director Thop Nazareno explained, “The reality is we’re all broken, we just don’t share that with everyone. We simply choose what we want to share, which is often our good side. In this series, every character is fractured.

Positive content

How a social media account is managed really depends on who owns it, Francine said. “For me, there is already so much negativity in the world that I now want to be part of this small group that shares the positivity. I want to help others learn to love themselves and show appreciation to their family and friends,” the actress said. “I don’t pretend to be perfect. I also feel like I no longer need to share this on social media. I think sensitive and personal issues should no longer involve the public and should remain private.

Seth agrees with Francine and says he is also very selective about posting online. “In reality, it’s the only way to go, because we are what we call influencers. We also need to know who our target market is, who we want to influence. We are aimed at today’s youth, so we are very careful and only share positive content,” he began. “But of course, I’m only human and I have flaws too. I also make mistakes accidentally. I don’t need to show these things online because I know it will affect my followers emotionally.

Francine then gave this advice to her supporters: “Try watching ‘Fractured’ because it will give you insight into what happens if you let social media influence your behavior. It’s true that we have no idea what other people are going through, so it pays to be kind. Because of what we see online, we have become so quick to judge a person based on their appearance and social status. I just wish everyone would help uplift others. I wish there wasn’t so much hatred anymore. It’s already 2023, we should all change our attitude when it comes to treating others.”

Ready for more challenges

Meanwhile, Francine admitted that working on “Fractured” signaled that she and Seth were ready to take on more mature characters. “At first we were nervous. We asked, “Can we manage a project like this?” This is nothing like the usual tasks we had to do before. But when we read the script, we were excited and agreed that we were both ready to take on more challenges as actors,” she said. “Our characters here are different from the ones that “We’ve played before: they’re the type to say bad words,” Seth observed. “Francine and I studied the script carefully, under the direction of Direk Thop. Every chance we got, we consulted him on what else we could add to make our characters more colorful. Working on the show was fun. It was a new experience. We reached a higher level of intensity in terms of acting. “Fractured” will stream for free starting September 15 on the iWantTFC app or website and iWantTFC YouTube channel, with new episodes every Friday at 8 p.m. INQ.

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