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France: Bourne plans to meet opposition and trade union leaders amid escalating protests over the pension system amendment


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French Prime Minister Elisabeth Bourne’s office said on Sunday, March 27, 2023, that she intends to meet with opposition leaders and trade unions, hoping to end weeks of protests against amending the new retirement law.

Demonstrations against the pension reform, which would raise the retirement age by two years, turned violent after the government pushed to pass the legislation this month without a final vote in parliament.

President Emmanuel Macron ruled out canceling or delaying the legislation, and tasked his prime minister with finding new support in Parliament after the government failed to obtain enough votes to pass the bill.

Bourne’s office said it would meet with political party leaders and that one of its aims was to resume dialogue with unions on labor issues, without referring to the pension bill.

The Prime Minister added in an interview with Agence France-Presse (AFP) that the meetings with opposition leaders and trade unions will be held during the week beginning on the third of April.

It also pledged not to use constitutional powers to pass legislation without voting again, with the exception of budget bills, according to Agence France-Presse.

It is unclear whether the government’s attempt to end the pension crisis will mollify the majority of the public hostile to the plan and angry protesters from adopting the legislation without a final vote.

Unions set Tuesday as the 10th day of nationwide protests against the retirement law, after last Thursday saw the fiercest clashes yet with the police.

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