Fox Napolitano: We learned today that prosecutors have evidence that Trump has committed a crime

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Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano said the American public learned Wednesday that federal prosecutors have evidence President TrumpDonald John TrumpHouse Republicans move to block Yemen war powers vote for rest of Congress Trump says he considers 10 to 12 contenders for Chief of Staff Michael Flynn asks court to save him from imprisonment MORE has committed a crime.

"Career prosecutors here in New York have evidence that the US president has committed a crime by condemning and paying Michael Cohen to break the law," Napolitano said while speaking about Fox News. "How do we know?" They told the federal judge, according to the rules, they can not tell the federal judge unless they really have that hardcore evidence, and under the rules they can not tell the federal judge unless they plan to do something with that evidence. "

His remarks came a few hours after Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison for a series of crimes he had committed when he was Trump's personal lawyer and repairer.

The verdict comes from eight federal charges that Cohen pleaded in August. Among them, Cohen admitted that she violated the campaign finance law by paying women who reportedly had done business with Trump more than a decade ago.

Prosecutors in the southern district of New York have said that Trump instructed Cohen to make the payments. Assistant lawyer of the United States Nicholas Roos declared in court on Wednesday that Cohen "eroded confidence in the electoral process" by committing the crimes.

& # 39; The crime pays Michael Cohen to commit a crime. It's pretty simple, "said Napolitano. & # 39; You pay someone to commit a crime, they commit the crime. You are liable, criminally liable for committing that crime. That is what the prosecutors have told the federal judge. & # 39;

In addition, Napolitano claimed that the agreement reached prosecutors with American Media Inc. (AMI), the parent company of the National Enquirer, & # 39; a snare on all this & # 39; explains.

AMI admitted on Wednesday that she had paid $ 150,000 to a woman & # 39; in consultation with & # 39; the presidential campaign of Trump & # 39; to ensure that the woman announced no harmful accusations about the candidate before the presidential elections of 2016. & # 39;

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