Fortnite season 7 has Superman, flying saucers and a virtual influencer


As expected, aliens have invaded Fortnite‘s Battle Royale Island. The final season of the game – Chapter 2: Season 7 – is called “Invasion” and it just kicked off with a sci-fi vibe that’s a big change from last season’s prehistoric theme.

Among the changes are flying saucers that players can hack into and then control, weapons like a rail cannon that can shoot through structures, and a scanning device, along with a crafting material called nuts and bolts that allow players to craft classic weapons that were previously removed from the game. game.

As always, the big draw of the new season is the Battle Pass, which introduces a number of characters to the game for those who buy it. For Season 7, that means Superman (which will be available to unlock later in the season), a customizable alien named Kymera, a human/alien double agent named Joey, and a hulking battle droid. Perhaps the strangest addition is Guggimon, a virtual influencer with over 1 million followers on Instagram.

For those playing on PC, the new season will also feature a number of visual improvements that will bring the game on par with next-gen consoles.