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Fortnite Robocop Skin has arrived to protect and serve the island

The war between the imagined order and the resistance has necessitated a call for support, and the Fortnite Robocop skin has answered that call with its arrival in the item shop. The ’80s movie hero enters the battle royale wearing cosmetics related to one of his most fearsome foes, ED-209. He uses the bipedal machine’s severed leg as an interchangeable back bling and pickaxe, and can also ride in a mini version as an emote.

The full pack of Fortnite Robocop skins.

The full list of items in the Robocop pack is as follows:

  • pickaxe LEG-209
  • LEG-209 back bling
    • If purchased together, item can be used interchangeably in a match
  • Small emoticon ED-209

Robocop joins Sarah Conner, Terminator, Ripley, and Xenomorph as some of the 80s-era action icons that have become Fortnite skins over the years. The Predator also has an in-game skin, however that was a special battle pass skin during Chapter 2 Season 5 and it won’t be sold in the item shop…although it should be.

If you’re planning to take Robocop into your next battle royale, be sure to check out the Resistance missions and Week 8 challenges as Chapter 3 Season 2 wraps up.

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