Fortnite has been standing still for hours as millions of players stare at a black hole

One of the biggest games in the world has stopped playing this afternoon. For the next season – or possibly a completely new chapter – Fortnite has fallen in almost every conceivable way. It is generally assumed that when the game is active again, it will be a restarted version with a completely new card.


Things happened dramatically. Everything started when the meteor, which was static in the middle of the island since it appeared in the beginning of season X, began to occur and eventually destroyed the entire map at about 2:00 PM EST. Since then, players have not been able to stare at a black hole. There have been flickering of activity, but not much has happened during that window. (If you enter the Konami code, you can at least play a simple one Space Invaders-style mini game while waiting.)

Those who could not log in to the game for the event on time not only found it impossible to enter a game; the actual lobby and person screens were pulled into the black hole in the same way. At some point the official Fortnite Twitter account has even deleted all tweets and the public Trello board from Epic, which was used to track down problems in the game, darkened in the same way. Meanwhile, PlayStation had to make a statement confirm that the game and all the V-dollar you have spent have not disappeared forever.

It seems to be a longer downtime, but one that is related to the ever-changing Fortnite Lore. The in-game event is currently being watched by millions on various platforms such as Twitch, YouTube and Twitter.

Rumors about a new card have been around for some time, although it was unclear how large Epic would actually change. Prior to today's event, a new storyline began for seven travelers who mess with the timeline; there were in-game missions where audiologists were gathered to learn more. (You can read them all here.) FortniteThe store in the game even contained new emotes to welcome the visitors or to tell them to go home. On Friday, Epic tweeted the cryptic sentence & # 39;the end is near. "Today was followed by"this is the end.