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Former Victoria’s Secret Angels talk about body image and behind the scenes of the sessions


Forme VIctoria’s Secret angels have revealed the hours of intense work that went into creating their glamorous runway image, with one of them admitting that her own mother struggled to recognize it.

Jasmine Tookes, 32, from California, and Josephine Skriver, 30, originally from Denmark, spoke candidly about their experiences when interviewed on Real Pod. podcast with 26-year-old presenter Victoria Garrick.

Victory he asked the models if they process or understand the impact on people watching the fashion shows and how they feel about it now.

Josephine said: “It was a weird moment because you realize there were a lot of eyes looking at you.”

“We signed just as social media blew up as well, so it was this combination of everyone will know you for this glamorous side, she’s been two hours and an hour doing her hair and makeup, personal trainers, this whole thing.”

American model Jasmine Tookes, 32, (left) and Danish model Josephine Skriver, 30, (right) spoke candidly about their experiences when interviewed on the Real Pod podcast.

“However, now you have the ability to take them behind the scenes and show them the real you.

“I felt like it was overnight when you let people in and I don’t think I understood, especially in the beginning, how obsessed people can be with the little details.”

‘Like they want to know what kind of toothpaste I used and I’m like, ‘Really? That looks boring.’

Josephine added that it was at that moment that they both realized the responsibility they had and tried with their fans how much work they put into maintaining their physique.

Jasmine revealed that she sees comments ‘every day’ on her Instagram that say: ‘you are always so harmonious’ and ‘you are always so perfect’.

She said, ‘I’m like, no I’m not! Not even a little.

American model Jasmine Tookes, 32, said her real life is different from the life people see on her Instagram.

American model Jasmine Tookes, 32, said her real life is different from the life people see on her Instagram.

“If you saw me wake up in the morning at home, in the middle of the day, walking around with baby spittle all over me, no makeup on, that’s my real life.”

Josephine chimed in and said that the glamorous side of her on stage was a version of who she was and likened it to a work uniform.

“Some people are told that they need to wear a suit to go to an office, it’s just part of our image.

“Nobody wants to be in their business suit 24/7, none of us want to be glamorous 24/7,” she said.

Victoria said that to the audience watching the shows or looking at photos of the Angels, it wasn’t immediately obvious that they were photoshopped or used body makeup.

He added that because there weren’t as many filters and photo-editing apps available at the time, people didn’t know about it.

The presenter said: “I think for us it was effortless and then I put on the swimsuit to go to the pool with my friends and the standard is to look like you do in the magazine photo.”

Jasmine then said, “It’s so crazy because I think it’s so obvious to me, when you look back at our old VS campaigns.”

Josephine added: ‘I would stand next to the big billboards on the street and I could stand there for 30 minutes and not one person could bring the two people together.

Josephine Skriver Said Her Own Mother Wouldn't Even Recognize Her When Looking At Her Modeling Photos

Josephine Skriver Said Her Own Mother Wouldn’t Even Recognize Her When Looking At Her Modeling Photos

I’m like I don’t even look like my photos. Sometimes my mom would say, “Is that you? I didn’t even know you could look like that.”

“Even though you were constantly shooting underwear, I never really felt naked because we had two layers of body makeup and glitter and glitter and oil.”

The Angels appeared in sweats before undergoing three hours of hair and makeup to make them look glam.

Commenting that Victoria’s Secret is ‘more inclusive’, Josephine said that in her opinion, as an insider, the old era of the company seemed more inclusive to her.

She said: ‘I was getting a little bigger than I was with a 22-inch waist and now I was 24, 25, and they were the first people to ever [say]”Please don’t lose weight.”

‘So for us, that was extremely inclusive from an internal perspective. [compared to] when I worked with haute couture across the street.

‘But [we were] obviously in this very small box that was the industry at the time, which was now looking back, not quite inclusive.’

Jasmine said that 'for years' only she and Lais Ribeiro (pictured) were seen as 'the black girls' of the brand

Jasmine said that ‘for years’ only she and Lais Ribeiro (pictured) were seen as ‘the black girls’ of the brand

Jasmine praised the brand for seeing the need to change their ways, but said it “definitely took them longer” than necessary.

‘I think for me, with Victoria’s Secret, it was me and Lais (Ribeiro) who were considered “the black girls.” Lais is Brazilian.

“And that’s all there was for years and years,” Jasmine said candidly.

When asked how that made her feel, the former angel said, “To be honest, I didn’t really realize that at the time, but looking back now, I’m like, okay, it’s a little weird that they just wanted to.” . me, basically like the only black girl on him.

“It didn’t affect me then, but I think looking back I’m like, ‘That sucks.'”

MailOnline has contacted Victoria’s Secret for comment.

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