The president of the United States, Donald Trump, addresses

The withdrawal of a historic arms treaty between the United States and Russia endangers life on Earth, Mikhail Gorbachev warned Donald Trump yesterday.

The former Soviet leader said that Mr. Trump was showing a "lack of wisdom" and risked undermining nuclear disarmament efforts.

The president of the United States wants to abandon the pact that prohibits medium-range nuclear missiles because Moscow has violated them "for many years."

But Mr. Gorbachev, 87, who signed the agreement with former President Ronald Reagan in the White House in 1987, said: "Do not really understand in Washington why this is?

He added: "Is it really so difficult to understand that the abandonment of these agreements … shows a lack of wisdom? Getting rid of the treaty is a mistake." All agreements aimed at nuclear disarmament and the limitation of nuclear weapons must be preserved to save Life on earth ".

The president of the USA US, Donald Trump speaks at a "Make America Big Again" rally at Elko Regional Airport in Elko, Nevada

Gorbachev, who played an important role in ending the Cold War, warned that Trump's action "would undermine all the efforts deployed by the Soviet leadership and by the United States itself to achieve nuclear disarmament."

The Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) prohibits the United States and Russia from owning, producing or testing a cruise missile launched from the ground with a range of 300 to 3,400 miles. Konstantin Kosachev, head of the foreign affairs commission in the upper chamber of the Russian parliament, said a US withdrawal from the treaty would mean that "humanity faces total chaos in the nuclear weapons sphere."

In London, Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson insisted he was "absolutely determined" with the United States. He blamed Russia for endangering the pact and called on the Kremlin to "put its house in order."

"Our close and long-term ally, of course, is the United States and we will be absolutely determined with the United States to make known a clear message that Russia needs to respect the treaty obligation it signed," Williamson said.

"Of course, we want this treaty to remain in force but it requires two parties to commit to it and at the moment when there is a party that is ignoring it."

Mr. Trump said on Saturday: "We have respected the agreement, but Russia has not … so we are going to rescind the agreement." He did not provide details about the violations. The INF treaty eliminated a whole category of nuclear weapons from the Russian and American arsenals.

Mikhail Gorbachev speaks to Associated Press during an interview at the headquarters of his foundation in Moscow

Mikhail Gorbachev speaks to Associated Press during an interview at the headquarters of his foundation in Moscow

Mikhail Gorbachev speaks to Associated Press during an interview at the headquarters of his foundation in Moscow

But in 2012, EE. UU He accused Russia of violating the treaty with a variety of weapons, including the SSC-8 cruise missile test launched since 2008. In turn, Russia has accused the United States of America. UU To violate the treaty with its defenses against missiles.

Russian analyst Dmitry Oreshkin said: "We are slowly receding to the Cold War situation as it was at the end of the Soviet Union … but now it could be worse because Putin belongs to a generation that did not have a war to his credit." # 39; Steven Pifer, former US ambassador to Ukraine, said: "Once the United States withdraws from the treaty, there is no reason for Russia to pretend that it is observing the limits.

"Moscow will be free to deploy the cruise missile 9M729 [Russia’s name for the SSC-8]and an intermediate-range ballistic missile if you wish, without any restriction. "

Republican Senator Rand Paul said it was "a great, big mistake to frivolously get out of this historic agreement," adding that he wanted a "rational discussion" between Moscow and Washington to resolve their differences.

But another Republican senator, Lindsey Graham, backed the president and said that withdrawing was "absolutely the right decision" because "the Russians have been cheating."

The German government said it "regrets the planned withdrawal" and that it will require a discussion among the NATO countries, and that it qualifies the treaty as "an important element of arms control."