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Former professional soccer player criticizes: FC Bayern “is destroying itself”


Mole affair, change of coach, fight in the dressing room: FC Bayern can look back on turbulent weeks. Ex-professional Markus Babbel went to court with the German record champions.

“Bayern already has the next coach, and it still doesn’t really get any better. Something in the team isn’t right,” Babbel told “Sport1”.

According to the former Bayern player, there is currently no “intact inner workings within the team”. “And the trainer isn’t asked every time, the boys have to grab themselves and say: ‘What I’m delivering is just not good enough’.”

The tangible argument between Sadio Mané and Leroy Sané therefore fits perfectly into the current picture. “It’s a haywire,” says Babbel.

“What’s so sad about the whole story is that you beat yourself,” the 50-year-old continued: “They have such an outstandingly good squad, but at the moment it’s not the opponents who are destroying them, but Bayern destroying them oneself.”

“So much more is possible” with the squad from Munich. “But it’s not just the quality of a player that counts, but also the social structure. It just doesn’t fit, there’s so much pressure on the boiler,” Babbel analyzed further.

Babbel sees it as particularly problematic that internal information is repeatedly revealed: “There is someone in the dressing room who is telling things like that. And that of course gives you a huge problem.”

Who is the “stronghold of FC Hollywood” at FC Bayern?

In the interview, Babbel also looked back on his own career, during which he also made headlines off the field.

“I thought we were the stronghold of FC Hollywood back then – but slowly today’s players are getting really dangerously close to us. They’re getting close to us,” joked the 1996 European champion: “It’s crazy, new headlines every week.”

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